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AP Limited Editions Among the Stars Fountain Pen

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Introducing the "Among the Stars" Fountain Pen – a celestial masterpiece born from the enchanting world of Japanese Lacquer Art. Crafted with utmost precision using the extraordinary Togidashi Maki-e technique, this pen transcends the boundaries of elegance and sophistication.

Prepare to be captivated by its unique Black matte surface, a result of countless meticulous applications of pure Black Urushi lacquer, lovingly sourced from the mystical lands of Japan. As you hold this pen in your hand, you'll feel the essence of craftsmanship and tradition flowing through its sleek contours.

But what truly sets this fountain pen apart is its celestial allure. Imagine the vast expanse of the night sky, scattered with twinkling stars and shimmering secrets. That's exactly what you'll experience when you gaze upon the body of this fine writing instrument. Delicate blue-green bits of Abalone shell, varying in size, are meticulously placed across its surface, evoking the magic and serenity of a tranquil space among the stars.

With each stroke of the nib, this pen unleashes a cosmic burst of inspiration, igniting your creativity and transforming every word into a work of art. The smooth flow of ink and the perfect balance of weight ensure an effortless writing experience, allowing your thoughts to effortlessly traverse the paper with celestial grace.

Whether you're a seasoned writer seeking to elevate your craft or an avid collector in search of a truly one-of-a-kind piece, the Stellar Black Matte Fountain Pen will transport you to a realm of celestial wonder. It's an invitation to embrace the magic of the cosmos with each stroke, turning your writing into a captivating cosmic dance.


  • Technique: Togidashi Maki-e
  • Lacquer Type: Black Urushi lacquer from Japan
  • Surface Finish: Black Matte
  • Shell Material: Abalone shell
  • Shell Colors: Blue-Green
  • Shell Placement: Decorated across the body of the pen
  • Shell Sizes: Three different sizes of Abalone shell used

Embark on a celestial journey every time you put pen to paper. The Stellar Black Matte Fountain Pen is your passport to a world where imagination and elegance intertwine, leaving trails of stardust with every word you write. So go ahead, let your creativity take flight and unleash the magic of the cosmos in your writing.

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