TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen
TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen
TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen
TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen
TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen

TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen

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The TWSBI Diamond 580ALR comes with a benchmark piston ink-filling mechanism and has all detachable parts. The clear demonstrator barrel allows you to see your ink color and remaining ink level. This special edition fountain pen has a deep teal blue aluminum grip section, cap ring, and piston knob. The aluminum is enhanced with a subtle matte finish, with circular engravings in the grip and cap area. It comes with a stainless steel nib and is presented in a modern clear display case.

The idea behind the TWSBI Diamond 580 was to go back to basics and capture the simplicity and elegance of traditional writing instruments. In recent years, the development and modernization of writing instruments has resulted in traditional writing instruments, such as fountain pens, falling into obscurity. It was TWSBI's goal to bring the past back to life by creating a traditional fountain pen that even modern day society can appreciate.

The TWSBI Diamond 580 is a classic fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system. By fusing the traditional mechanisms of the fountain pen with a modern industrial design, TWSBI has created an eye-catching fountain pen that is simultaneously appreciative of the past and relevant in the present.

TWSBI's belief is that it is important to allow the user to disassemble and reassemble the pen and completely experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen. These pens also come packaged with a wrench and silicone grease. Neither of these accessories are intended to be used immediately, as they are for long-term care and maintenance. Additionally, please use extra care if you choose to disassemble the nib and feed, as the feed is very fragile.

You may notice a white substance on your 580AL or 580ALR pistons. This is bearing grease, and must not be removed during cleanings, or replaced by silicone grease.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Smooth and easy

Easy to fill and writes smoothly. A new favorite!

Adam Norberg
Excellent writer after fixing the hard starts

The TWSBI Diamond is beautiful, solid, well-balanced, and practical - an excellent choice for everyday writing. The cap sort of posts but only onto the piston knob, so be careful you don’t turn your pen into a squirt gun when trying to un-post it. Mine had moderate baby’s bottom when I got it, but a few minutes with micromesh and lapping film has it writing perfectly.

Cait McDonnell

The diamond 580 Prussian Blue is such a beautiful pen color. I happen to collect a lot of pens from the TWSBI collection, definitely my favorite pens. I dipped it in yama budho and it looks spectacular. Thanks again truphae! Never fails

Phil Neas
My favorite

I have the Eco and Eco T. I like all of them, but this one fits me very well. It started writing right away and the ink flow is consistent. I like the size and shape also. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with TWSBI. Second favorite would be the ECO and last would be the ECO T. By the way... all three are great and I use all three, but the 580 ALR is my baby.

TWSBI Prussian Blue

I was seeing what all the hype was about, but this pen, especially with the stub nib, is so smooth, consistent, and gorgeous. I guess I have joined the fan club 🤗

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