KWZ Sheen Machine
KWZ Sheen Machine
KWZ Sheen Machine

KWZ Sheen Machine #2 Ink Bottle

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KWZ Sheen Machine #2 standard bottled ink. KWZ inks are handmade in Poland and each glass bottle contains 60 mL of handmade fountain pen ink.

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Customer Reviews

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Prarthana Patel
Fast shipping

I loved my inks and book. Great service.

Charles Bogart
Beautiful ink, but with some behavioral issues

Let's start off with the positives. This ink is absolutely a delight to the eye. As others have stated, it does swatch quite a bit differently than it writes. It also takes on a radically different appearance depending on the quality of paper. I used it in a TWSBI Vac700R with a medium nib, and it wrote very smoothly, dried in a reasonable amount of time, and produced a very attractive red sheen on Clairefontaine 90 gsm paper. On the cheap Mead notebook paper I use to write meditatively, it did not demonstrate any sheening qualities, and took on a much greener hue that I can only describe as being akin to green marine grease. While that may not sound appealing, I actually found it to be a very unique, subtle and pleasing color with which to write.
Unfortunately, that is where the positive attributes of this problem child ink ended for me. Nothing can contain it. It somehow manages to bypass rubber seals, insinuate itself into the threads of any joint it encounters, and stains rapidly. I only had it in my Vac700R for a total of 12 hours and five written pages before I opted to nuke it from orbit. In that time, it somehow found its way out of the feed's ink channel and into the fins, resulting in stained fingers and dripping ink as I wrote, as well as into the threads between the section and barrel. These seals are impervious to every other ink I've tried so far, but not Sheen Machine. Thankfully, the TWSBI is easy to fully disassemble so I was able to get every nook and cranny clean and inspected to ensure I didn't have a crack somewhere which was the true cause of my seepage woes. I have since run a number of more mundane inks through the pen with no repeat of the behavior exhibited by Sheen Machine. I will have to try soaking the body parts in pen flush to remove the staining where it got into the threaded sections.

TL:DR - Dang, this is one pretty ink, but I will be reserving it for dip pens only going forward.

Sheen swatches beautifully but writes differently

When you swatch this color it is quirky and fun to look at however please be aware that the shimmer will not come through as strong with the finer nibbed pens. I have tried writing with an extra fine, fine, and medium nibbed pen and it wasn't until I used a dip pen that I actually got to see the full effect of the pen ink on the papers that I was writing. Definitely a good buy and I love that the sheen sneaks up on people but I wanted to warn people who may not know that they need to use their widest nibs to get the full effect.

Love the sheen!

Fell in love with this ink at first sight. I just love how it stands out with all that sheen!

Paul Heriegel
Pretty but writes MUCH different then it swatches.

This was an ink my wife picked for her pens. It does look pretty especially in the photos. I actually wanted this one for myself but when she said this was the one she wanted I just picked another. Upon arrival we swatched it like we do with all of our new inks. It looks sort of similar to the photo above with the color variation and shine from the sheen. Trying to write with the ink is a WHOLE other story. We've tried the ink in numerous pens AND with 3-4 different types of paper and the ink looks strictly black. it does have SOME sheen to it if you hold it the exact right way under a really bright light but for the most part it just looks like a black ink. I even specifically ordered Tomoe River paper as after some research found this ink works best on that paper and STILL the ink looks plain black although the shine does show up a bit more but it still looks just like a shiny black. almost like glossy black vinyl if you've ever worked with Cricut vinyl. I understand these inks are handmade, probably in small batches, and the ink flows nicely out of all the pens we tried but we both were a bit disappointed because instead of a nice range of teals and purple and sheen it just looks like a shiny black. This is nothing against Truphae either. They didn't make the ink and their service was excellent, the package arriving on my doorstep 2 days after I ordered it. The other KWZ ink we ordered was very nice though so we probably will order this brand again but well probably shy away from their sheen machines :(

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