Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen
Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen
Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen
Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen
Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen
Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen

Paili 013 Vacuum Fill Fountain Pen

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The Paili 013 features an easy vacuum filling system - simply untwist the end cap, pull up and then push down when inserted into an ink bottle. The pressure change causes ink to flow into the barrel. The barrel is clear, so you can really get a great feel for how much ink is in your fountain pen. These systems hold a lot of ink, so this is a great daily pen as you won't have to worry about filling it as often. This is a surprisingly high quality resin for the price, and the grip is very smooth to hold.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Francis Bulbulian
Very Satisfied

Excellent price and service!

Mark W. Swarthout
A Vacuum Fill Pen

I really liked the color and feel of this pen. Super inexpensive, but seems pretty solid. I like having a screw top on my pens. It took me a while to figure out how the vacuum fill system worked, lots of things to twist. Writes nicely. Doesn't 'post' with any sort of security, but it will top.

no dispute: this is a cheap pen, but it writes well

within a few day,s the bottom cap unglued itself (but easy to put back), and the clip starts to rattle. Yet, the vaccum filling worked well and the (stiff) nib writes smoothly. no complaints for a $5 pen and will likely buy more. Bonus: the green color was darker and nicer than I expected!

Tammy Jones
Super bargain pen

I finally got one of these vacuum fill pens. I was curious about the filling system and if I could even control ink flow. I wasn't able to spend a fortune to find out. This pen satisfied my quest for vac filler pen.
The nib is smooth enough to write straight out of the package. The plastic is amazingly heavy. It feels like a more expensive pen. The seals were good and did what they are supposed to do. I am so happy with the colors too. I got the blue and the green. The facets inside the pen look pretty. I like looking at the pen.
The pen doesn't post but it will go over the end good enough I won't lose it when I am distracted.
I also loved the free sticker that came with the pens and ink I purchased. Thank You!

its nice

this will be the first time i ever tried a vacuum fill pen

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