Rhodia Classic Side Staplebound A4 Black Lined Notebook

Rhodia Classic Side Staplebound A4 Black Lined Notebook

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This A4-sized black side-stapled Rhodia notebook features 48 sheets (96 pages) of extra white 80g acid-free, pH neutral ruled paper and a coated and waterproof cover. Lines are spaced 8mm apart. These economical notebooks are a favorite of artists, designers, writers, and notebook fans for notes, sketching, and hand drafting. People love them for their grids, smooth paper, and iconic cover.

Binding Orientation - Side

Paper Color - White

Paper Weight - 80g

Sheet Count - 48

Perforation - All

Height - 11.7in

Width - 8.3in

Line Spacing - 8mm

Ruling Type - Lined

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rhodia Lined Notebook

As usual, the Rhodia paper is wonderful. Smooth and very fountian pen friendly. What surprised me was the side staple. It was so easy to hold while writing and comfortable to write on while at a desk. Highly recommend.

Lisa Morgan
Rhodia is my fav

This notebook fits easily in my tote bag, and I can carry it anywhere.When I have a few minutes I can easily practice lettering or write notes. I can then easily add pages removed from this notebook into my planner or other binders as needed. It is very fountain pen friendly and shows shading, sheening and shimmering properties of various inks well.

Dawn Webb
Rhodia A4 Lined Notebook (Side Staplebound) - Just What I Needed!

I was looking for a larger notebook and was happy to find that Truphae carried an A4 sized one that is side staplebound. Even better, one from Rhodia, as it is one of my favorite brands for fountain pen paper. I know that for some, this might be a touch on the big side but it truly is perfect for me. I do a lot of writing/note taking for work and I often struggle with spiral bound notebooks due to both the discomfort of my hand hitting the spiral binding and/or scanning my notes without having to rip out the paper. I like having my notes together in one place and this allows me to do so while still being able to easily scan pages without issue. Also, I am a bit old school in that it's very important for me to get my thoughts down using pen and paper. Given its size, I am able to write out my proposals/project ideas and pretty much fit them on one page -- this is great for me in terms of presenting my ideas in meetings without having to flip through my notebook. Seriously, that extra bit of space provided in A4 is everything to me. Additionally, the paper quality is excellent for the price so it ticks all the boxes for me. I will definitely be coming back in the future to purchase more.

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