TF Est 1968 Rotor Model Rose Gold Plated Rotating Balance Wheel Cufflinks Set-TF Est 1968-Truphae

TF Est 1968 Rotor Model Rose Gold Plated Rotating Balance Wheel Cufflinks Set

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Made in Italy


This particular cufflinks set is a special order piece, so please be advised that the handling time is around 4 weeks. If you need this item more quickly, please inquire an estimated handling time with us, and we will check if it is available for immediate dispatch. Many cufflinks are kept in stock at all times, but they do sell very quickly, so we like to be safe in stating a 4 week estimated handling time. Because this item is a special order piece, returns are not accepted. At Truphae, we will keep the buyer updated on all progress as the watch is being ordered in. This piece comes direct from the manufacturer. Any invoices and proof of purchase needed can be provided to the buyer at any point. Don't pass up the opportunity to own a fantastic piece from the TF Est. collection! Enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing from one of the most credible luxury goods sellers online!

The Swiss brand TF Est. 1968 proudly asserts its identity in pursuit of an accessibility that makes no sacrifices when it comes to quality, including the odd foray into the high-end segment: fun, trendy, sometimes quirky, and set against a carbon ground or some other precious material. TF cufflinks, pens, and belts are inspired by the world of watchmaking and fine leather goods while exploring a playful theme

Marked by a total lack of convention, TF Est. 1968 never hesitates to deviate from the norm, more out of a sense of fun than willful provocation. Sometimes embarking unashamedly on its chosen course in a spirit of rebellious abandon, in true nonconformist style, but always with its inimitable eye to quality. One has only to look at its cufflinks inspired by the world of watchmaking, its rollerball pens, or its two collections of spirited watches, challenging the onlooker to be indifferent. 

Fully working and ready to wear.

Complete with all boxes and papers.

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