Narwhal Key West Las Coloradas Fountain Pen

Narwhal Key West Las Coloradas Fountain Pen

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Live the island life with the Narwhal Key West fountain pen collection. The Narwhal Key West fountain pens feature a classic rounded silhouette with the barrel, pen cap, and section made of matching sparkling resin. Key West fountain pens will be fitted with Narwhal's in-house No. 6 fountain pen nib. Narwhal Key West fountain pens are cartridge converter pens and include a standard international ink converter. Key West pens are also compatible with standard international size ink cartridges.

Narwhal Key West fountain pens come with a standard international ink converter and are packaged in a reusable black leather case inside a Narwhal branded gift box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mara Rosa
Stunning pen!

This pen is very sparkly, more so than in the photograph and the sparkles are more of a hot pink, so it is super flashy! The gold trim is a great accent, and for people like me, that like flashy pens, it is wonderful! I love the weight--has a little "heft" to it, that you don't always get with an acrylic or resin pen. It is long but does not cap (you shouldn't want to with the finish), and it has a nice long grip section, that I prefer. Nib works for me just fine, but I don't seem to be as sensitive or picky about nibs as a lot of pen enthusiasts, so if you have issues with nibs, my review is probably not for you. If you love pretty, flashy pens and how pens "feel" in the hand, well, I have nothing bad to say about this purchase--in fact it exceeded my expectations! I almost removed it from my order, and then I reconsidered the price point and the lack of purple pens in my collection and said, "why not?"

Pam P
Not the writing quality I expected

Originally I pre-ordered a stub nib only to find out they were never manufactured. I settled for a broad nib hoping I'd love this pen like I love my original Narwhal but I am disappointed. The broad nib does not write reliably or well despite trying a few inks that always perform well for me. It hard starts and skips.

Patrick Gaalaas
A Fine Point

The F-point nib writes more like a M-point. Not to my liking, but very smooth.

Kelly M.
Smooth & Gorgeous pen!

This pen is gorgeous, one of the prettiest purples I've seen! So glad I decided to purchase and try this brand. It writes very smoothly and is pleasant to write with. Looking forward to future Narwhal releases!

Felicia Curtis
Narwhal Key West

The color of the pen is pretty but I was very disappointed. The gold is so clearly visible through the pen it makes it look a bit unfinished and low quality. It writes just okay. Not worth the cost.

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