TWSBI Mini Grape Fountain Pen
TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen
TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen Nib
TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen Purple And Clear
TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen Nib Details
TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen Piston Filled
TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen Capped

TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen

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Are you looking for a reliable and stylish fountain pen that won't break the bank? Look no further than the TWSBI Mini AL! This high-quality writing instrument features a benchmark piston ink-filling mechanism, so you can say goodbye to messy cartridges and hello to smooth, consistent writing. And with all detachable parts, you'll have the opportunity to experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen.

But that's not all - the TWSBI Mini AL also boasts a crystal clear acrylic barrel, allowing you to see your ink level at a glance. Plus, with a clear cap and silver trim, this pen exudes a sleek and modern vibe. And let's not forget about the star of the show - a beautiful purple aluminum grip section and piston mechanism, perfectly complementing Truphae's love for all things purple.

And for those concerned about long-term care and maintenance, don't worry! The TWSBI Mini AL comes packaged with a wrench and silicone grease, so you can keep your pen in tip-top shape for years to come. Just be careful when disassembling the nib and feed - the feed is delicate!

The TWSBI Diamond Mini AL is a smaller reiteration of the original TWSBI Mini fountain pen, featuring aluminum parts for a higher-quality look and feel. Don't let its compact size fool you - this pen performs like a standard-size pen when posted, making it a top choice for fountain pen fans of all levels.

With a stainless steel nib and crystal clear demonstrator resin body, the TWSBI Diamond Mini AL is both sturdy and beautiful. And thanks to its lightweight design, it's comfortable even for longer writing sessions. Plus, with the piston filler being smooth and sure, you can easily swap out the nib unit if you want to try another nib size without purchasing a second pen.

So if you're in the market for an affordable, reliable, and stylish fountain pen, the TWSBI Mini AL and Diamond Mini AL are the perfect choices. And with Truphae's love for purple, the addition of the purple aluminum grip section and piston mechanism is just the icing on the cake. Get ready to elevate your writing game and impress all your friends with your new TWSBI fountain pen!

Note: You may notice a white substance on your 580AL or 580ALR pistons. This is bearing grease, and must not be removed during cleanings, or replaced by silicone grease.

Product Specifications:
Capped Length: 4.66 in.(118.4mm)
Posted Length: 5.53 in.(140.5mm)
Length of Body: 4.24 in.(107.7mm)
Length of Cap: 2.15 in.(54.6mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.51 in.(13.0mm)
Diameter of Cap: 0.57 in.(14.5mm)
Diameter of Grip: 0.38 in.(9.7mm)
Weight: 0.8 oz.(22.68g)

Body Material: Resin
Trim Material: Chrome Plated
Section Material: Resin
Nib Material: Stainless Steel

Fill Mechanism: Piston
Cartridge Type: Bottled Ink
Cap Rotations: 1
Cap Type: Threaded
Postable: Yes
Demonstrator: Yes
Clip Style: Spring Metal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nicholas Bartlett

TWSBI Mini AL Grape Fountain Pen

Lynn Hayes
TWSBI Mini Grape 1.1 stub

I absolutely love it! You shipped so quickly, I have been enjoying it every day for a week!

Stellan B.

Really sharp purple, great size and the screw-to-post is very handy

Jim Westagard
Great little pen.

This is a wonderful alternative to the full sized fountain pens that I love but slightly bigger than my Kaweco sport pens. Love it.

Lovely little purple mini diamond 💜

This pen has the same quality as the full sized Diamond versions, love that the cap can be posted and securely screws on to make it longer if you have large hands but can be used unposted too, the color is beautiful and the stub nib writes smooth out of the box. A great purchase at a reasonable price if you decide to take the plunge :-)

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