Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen
Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen
Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen
Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen
Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen
Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen
Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen

Conklin Duraflex Nightfall Fountain Pen

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This limited edition Conklin Duraflex fountain pen has a purple resin base, swirls of grey and black. It is complemented with chrome trim and fills via standard international converter or cartridge (both included). The Conklin Duraflex fountain pen is now offered with your choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 silver steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the Omniflex flexible silver steel nib for variation in line width.

Each pen is individually numbered out of 1898.

The Duragraph draws its inspiration from the rich heritage of the Conklin brand, which was purchased and revived by Yafa in 2009. It is manufactured in Asia, assembled and distributed from Canoga Park, California, and pays tribute to its roots with a "Toledo, Ohio" engraving on its nib and barrel. The cap top is embellished with the Conklin Est. 1898 logo and the cap band are engraved with the famous Duragraph model script font with three Conklin Crescent logos on either side of the model name.

In 1923, the Duragraph model was launched, and shortly afterwards was considered to be "the definitive" pen. The model was named by combining the words, durable and graph - Duragraph. Created to last as an heirloom to serve many generations, the Duragraph is offered with a lifetime guarantee. In honor of the Duragraph's 91st birthday, Conklin has introduced a new Duragraph collection that brings a fresh, modern style to a timeless oversize flat top design. Crafted from quality hand made resins, the Duragraph is substantial in size, yet not so large to be unwieldy in the hand.

The Duragraph offers the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. The cap top mounted clip allows the pen to sit low in the pocket, making this model a more practical choice for everyday use. Each Conklin fine writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift presentation box lined with rich satin. It comes with a converter and also accepts short standard international cartridges. Ideal as a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, this model is the right size for both men and women who use fine writing instruments in their daily professional lives.

Note: this pen is engraved with the "Duraflex" name, even if you are choosing a non-flex standard nib.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Karen Fallon
Beautiful swirly deep purple pen!

And she writes wonderfully! I have the Omniflex nib. Truly a very nice pen and smooth writer. Edition only for Truphae!

Robert R.
A Beautiful Bargain

The images on the site make it look like Conklin on the end cap and maybe the limited edition info on the side of the pen are engraved and filled in with white. On mine they're just engraved, not filled in with white like on the black cap end on my Conklin Duragraph in Amber. No big deal. Just letting people know.

Apart from that the main reason I'm here is to let people know the pen is absolutely beautiful in person, that I'm very happy with it even though normally I write with much more expensive fountain pens like an Omas Paragon in Arco.

Initially I filled it with Pilot Iroshizuku ink and didn't think I was going to like the Omniflex nib. I changed the ink to Noodler's and that nib (I wasn't sure about when I ordered) turned out to be fantastic. The line quality is somewhere between a fine and medium nib on a Conklin pen (fitted with JoWo nibs), which is just perfect for me. The medium nib is too fat a line for me and the fine nib looks great but can be a bit scratchy and have flow skips with some inks. The JoWo Omniflex nib in this pen solves all that and creates the perfect line, not to fine, not too thick, and the ink flows beautifully no matter what I throw at it.

If you order with the Omniflex nib and you don't like it initially, try another brand of ink. I thought I would like the Pilot Iroshizuku inks (and they DO come in a beautiful bottle), but ink after ink, a similar color performs better with Noodler's in all my pens -- much better flow. (The Pilot Iroshizuku inks are all lubricated though, so a better option for piston mechanism fountain pens like the Omas Paragon, and the Pilot inks come in much better selection of colors than the Noodler's Polar and Eel series inks, which are also lubricated.)

I thought I would try this Omniflex nib and would likely replace it. It turns out the two cutouts on the sides DO actually work to make the nib in stainless steel write more responsively like softer gold nibs on some of my other pens. Whichever Conklin pen you buy, I highly recommend the Omniflex nib, especially if you want a line that's close to fine without the scratchiness and skipping and also close to medium while still giving refined writing.

I like this particular pen so much for its color and style I may buy another. It reminds me of earlier Parker Duofolds, but I like the simplicity of the single silver band around the cap end (rather than the overly fussy two or three on Parkers).

Another thing I'm loving about this Conklin and my Amber Duragraph is the fact they're pretty and elegant looking, but at this price I'm not going to stress or be crushed if they're lost or damaged.

Highly recommended.

Stephen Grant
Unexpected Gem

An inexpensive pen that writes superbly.

R. W. R

That is one pretty pen.It do feel cheep made to me.The ink converter kept leaking ink. it is the screw on type. I finally had to tighten it way more than you should for it to stop the leak. I just got way cheaper pens that feel better. IT IS NOT THE SELLER FOUGHT. I EMAILED THEM. THEY JUMPED RIGHT ON IT AND TOLD BE TO SEND IT BACK ( WHICH THEY EVEN PAID FOR ME TO SHIP IT BACK ) . THAT IS WHY I DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I JUST WANT TO THANK THEM FOR GOOD COSTUMER SERVICE.

Byron H
Great Color, Great Nib

Live the color, including the cap. Always the Omniflex nib. Really enjoy writing with it.

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