Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen
Delike Spectra Fountain Pen

Delike Spectra Fountain Pen

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Spectra is commonly referring to gemstones and their individual light absorption - this in turn creates their individual color. The Delike Spectra presents an array of vibrant colors, similar to those seen when shining light through gemstones.

Amber: orange

Amethyst: deep purple swirl

Diamond: frosty blue

Turquoise: blue-green with black crackle throughout

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This has been good to me

I received this in one of my Inkredible Boxes nearly a year ago. This pen has been sitting for the most part, as I had quite a few others to use. Every time I pick it up, it feels so light. A few weeks ago, I had to clean it out and while unscrewing the nib unit for removal, I broke the plastic nib unit. I got it out, apart for cleanout, cleaned up, and returned to the section. With everything back together, the nib unit has been working pretty flawlessly. The nib is smooth with a bit of feedback and I haven't gotten inky fingers using it, so two thumbs up for the most important parts to me. The lack of a clip is a minus if you want to take it places in a pocket, but as a pen in any elastic holder it should be fine.

R. in CT
Very mixed experience, but comfortable to write with

I had such mixed reactions to this pen that I'm simply going to list them in order. You can decide whether it is a good pen for you.
Starting with unboxing and continuing as I got used to it:
+ Ooh! nice iridescent purple Mother of Toilet Seat resin! I like that.
- Very light. Feels cheap.
+ writes very smoothly. More like a Medium than a Fine, but OK
- Maybe it really is cheap. It burped blob of ink and broke in use.
+ Truphae quickly and cheerfully replaced it. New pen has no problems.
- no clip; can't keep in my shirt pocket.
+ no clip; smooth pen; fits in a jeans pocket; would also be good in a purse or backpack.
+/- need to post cap to hold comfortably. Cap doesn't post all that well, but it does post.
+ very light and comfortable to write with for extended periods
+/- does not write in reverse, but many good pens do not.
Overall, I continue to use the pen because there are times when it feels right. Generally writes wet and smooth. About as fine as a Schmidt Medium.

Frustrating Pen

My first box I received this pen with sample inks. Inks were fine, but after changing ink twice in the pen I just could not get it to write, Only skips and blips. Very disappointed.

Love this company, not this pen

I got this pen in my subscription box. The one star goes to this pen because it is attractive broke twice on me. The first time it came broken through travel and the company was amazing enough to send me a new one. This time it broke while I was writing. The ink was also not flowing as much and I had to keep readjusting the cartridge so that it can keep flowing down. Very pretty pen but not worth the money.

Good EDC pen

Received the amber version of this pen in my December Inkmeister box and wanted to give a full month of use before review. I am a lefty and a side writer so tend to be very particular in my fountain pens due to my writing angle and smearing. This pen writes extremely well, especially for its price point. It was sent with Stipula ink samples and I have not yet used any other brand with it. The nib writes smoothly without issues. There are only two cons in my opinion, 1) the cap is screw on which does make it slower to open for an EDC but posts well if you choose to use it that way. 2) it leaked a whole converter worth of ink in my pen case after a month's worth of daily use and carry. I don't know if it was the converter or nib but it was inked with a vibrant purple and made a mess. I'm going to give it one more chance before I count it out simply due to how well it writes.

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