Inkredible Box FAQs

Q: I just purchased an Inkredible Box. When will my order ship?

A: Orders placed before 7am EST will ship same day. Orders after this time will ship next business day.

Q: Can I choose what items are in my Inkredible Box?

A: Each Inkredible Box is designed for the element of surprise. We take great care to ensure we're sending a batch of items we'd love to use ourselves. However, for the Penthusiast and Collector Boxes, you have the option to select which type of items you'd like to receive: fountain pens, inks or notepads, etc. You can request specific nib sizes, and even submit special requests that we will do our best to fulfill.

Q: Am I allowed to change my subscription?

A: Yes! In your account you can see your current subscription plan. If you'd like to make any changes, you have the option to pause or upgrade your plan.

Q: What brands come in each Inkredible Box?

A: To read a sample of brands found in each Inkredible Box, visit each Inkredible Box page for more information on each box level. 

Q: Is my Inkredible Box discount code valid on all items?

A: Each Inkredible Box subscription comes with a unique coupon code to use on items across the store, although exceptions apply, including future Inkredible Boxes and Sailor products. Inkmeister subscribers receive 5% off, Penthusiast subscribers receive 7% off, and Collector subscribers receive 10% off.

Q: Can I use my Inkredible Box discount code on future Inkredible Boxes?

A: The discount code does not apply to Inkredible Boxes, but to most other items in the store, with the exception of Sailor products.