BENU Briolette Collection Arabian Night Pink / Purple & Gold Fountain Pen

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dically renewing itself like the sun, Benu is a symbol of constant changes, recurrence, renovations.  The name reflects the company founder’s feelings about the history of writing instruments. Changing throughout centuries, in today’s digital world handwriting has become more of an art, than a communication tool.  Pens are much less needed nowadays, as we have computers, tablets and smartphones. Yet interest in stylish writing instruments among trendsetters remains high. Moreover, an expensive and stylish pen becomes not only a tool, but also an important accessory. A beautiful pen is a status symbol that reflects the personal taste of its owner. The art of writing is reinvented and redefined again.


The Manufacture


BENU fountain pens are designed and handcrafted in the company’s own Moscow-based production facilities in Russia. Each part of the pens is made in house, except for nibs, ink cartridges and convertors. All BENU fountain pens come with stainless steel or gold –plated stainless steel Schmidt nibs of EF, F, M and B sizes.


A broad and vivid color palette is the key characteristic of the BENU collection. The designers and artisans take great care to create materials of vibrant colors and diverse textures. Before being assembled each part is a subject to a series of technical, mechanical and visual inspections to verify its accuracy, durability and overall appearance. The assembly of the cap is the last step of production. To secure the locking of the pen’s cap the company employs the square thread. Thought very difficult to fabricate, this thread form has the lowest friction, which makes it the most efficient thread form known.

Before being dispatched from the workshop, the pens undergo a final quality control covering both visual and functional aspects. The company only allows pens that meet the highest quality requirements to be shipped to its customers.


Fully working and ready to write.

Consider the pictures as part of the description as they show the exact pen that will be purchased.

Comes fitted with an original steel nib. Random nib sizes are selected by default, but specific nib sizes (Fine, Medium, and Broad) may be available - please contact us prior to purchase if another nib size is preferred.


Complete with boxes and papers.