Supreme Azure Fountain Pen
BENU Supreme Collection Azure Blue & Silver Trim Fountain Pen-BENU-Truphae
Supreme Azure Fountain Pen
Supreme Azure Fountain Pen

BENU Supreme Azure Fountain Pen

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BENU features a line of conceptual handmade writing instruments which play with streamline shapes, and an extensive palette of vivid colors. The Moscow-based company delivers its own interpretation of the modern writing experience. Inspired by the excited lifestyles of modern city dwellers, BENU has created pens for those who prefer a playful, stylish and fun design. BENU's fountain pens are handcrafted after the company's original designs. Each part of the pen is made in house, except for the nib units, ink cartridges, and converters. The BENU fountain pens are supplied with either stainless steel or gold-plated (depending on the model) stainless steel Schmidt nibs. 

The Supreme Collection pens are a bit simpler than some of the other collections, but we love the design! Larger at the top, and slimmer the closer you get to the bottom, these pens are perfect for everyday writing. The functionality and the #6 nib work well to make this an easy go-to choice for frequent writers. An innovative design, sumptuous and captivating looks are the key features of this pen. Each model offers a unique, original shape, and a flawless handmade body. 

It is 5.1" in length, and weighs 24.5 grams. It features an acrylic resin body and a rhodium plated brass decorative ring, and a screw on (can be posted) cap. It features a #6 stainless steel Schmidt nib. It can use standard large international cartridges (7.2cm/2.8 inches) or a converter.

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