Bottegando Roots Maki-e Fountain Pen
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Bottegando Roots Maki-e Fountain Pen Black With Red and Gold
Bottegando Roots Maki-e Fountain Pen Nib Details
Bottegando Roots Maki-e Fountain Pen Capped
Bottegando Roots Maki-e Fountain Pen Cap Details
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Bottegando Roots Maki-e Fountain Pen

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Prepare to be rooted in awe with the Bottegando Italia Urushi Maki-e "Roots" Fountain Pen. This pen is not just a writing instrument; it's a masterpiece that connects you to the ancient wisdom of nature. Get ready to embark on a writing journey that's as deep as the roots of the mighty tree.

Hand-turned with precision, the pen features a barrel made of Wengè wood, also known as Millettia Laurentii. Paired with a cap crafted from boxwood, this pen celebrates the beauty of nature's diverse offerings. And who needs a clip when you can let your pen roam freely, like a wild bird soaring through the sky?

Now, let's dive into the heart of this pen - the exquisite Maki-e artwork that tells a story of the passage of time and the harmony between man and nature. On the cap, a landscape unfolds before your eyesÑa scene painted with shaded black and red urushi, adorned with delicate sprinkles of 22k gold dust in a gradual gradation. Behold the ruins of an ancient civilization basking in the twilight glow, a grand tree swaying in the wind, and birds taking flight from the tall grass. It's like stepping into a painting, where imagination knows no bounds.

But that's not all - the stem of the pen reveals intricate roots, delving deep into the soil, symbolizing the unbreakable connection between nature and life itself. The Maki-e technique brings this scene to life with incredible detail. Taka maki-e technique utilizes black, yellow, white, and red colored urushi, along with fine powders of 22k gold, 23.75k gold, and pure silver, to create a relief painting that showcases the tree, grass, stones, and the intricate web of roots.

The ruins, birds, and clouds are brought to life with Hira maki-e - a flat painting technique using urushi covered with 22k gold powder of varying fineness. The result is a mesmerizing play of light and depth that adds a touch of ethereal beauty to the artwork.

The "natural" Chinkin technique takes the artistry even further by utilizing the natural pores of the Wengè wood itself. Instead of engraving the lacquer, these pores are filled with urushi and 22k gold dust, creating a unique texture and a sense of organic artistry that merges seamlessly with the pen's natural material.

No masterpiece is complete without the perfect finish, and the Bottegando team has spared no effort. The pen undergoes a meticulous three-stage polishing process, using Kijomi Urushi, very fine mineral powder, and the gentle touch of camellia oil, lovingly rubbed with fingers. The result? A pen that's as smooth and inviting as a serene forest glade.

The nib holder block, turned in brass, steel, and lacquered ebonite with black Roiro Urushi, offers a comfortable grip and adds a touch of sophistication to the pen's overall design. The 14k gold nib, with its 5mm ink feeder and medium tip size from the renowned German manufacturer Bock, ensures a smooth and effortless writing experience. It's compatible with both cartridges and converters, providing versatility to suit your writing preferences.

Convenience meets practicality with the non-screwable screw cap on the back, allowing you to access your pen with ease whenever inspiration strikes. With an open length of 15cm and a closed length of 17.2cm, this pen fits perfectly in your hand, ready to accompany you on countless writing adventures. The cap diameter of 1.4cm and barrel diameter of 1.4cm strike the perfect balance between elegance and usability.

To add a personal touch, the Bottegando brand "B" proudly marks this pen, while the signature "S.M." of the talented author lends a sense of authenticity to the masterpiece. And don't forget the unique serial number U102, elegantly inscribed in red Urushi lacquer on the pen cap. This pen is a one-of-a-kind exemplary piece, just like your own writing voice.

So, let the Bottegando Italia Urushi Maki-e "Roots" Fountain Pen be your connection to the depth and beauty of nature. Write with the wisdom of the ancient tree, and let your words take root and flourish. With this pen in hand, you're ready to leave an indelible mark on the worldÑone stroke at a time.

Product Specifications:
Capped Length: 6.77 in.(172.0mm)
Uncapped Length: 5.91 in.(150.0mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.55 in.(14.0mm)
Diameter of Grip: 0.51 in.(13.0mm)
Weight: 1.40 oz.(39.7g)

Body Material: Urushi Lacquer
Trim Material: Gold Plated
Section Material: Urushi Lacquer
Nib Material: 14k Gold
Nib Size: #5

Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter (standard international)
Cap Rotations: 1.75
Cap Type: Threaded
Postable: Yes
Demonstrator: No
Clip Style: Spring Metal

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