Gioia Alleria Crepuscolo Fountain Pen

Gioia Alleria Crepuscolo Fountain Pen

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Alleria Crepuscolo is a fountain pen inspired by the play of colors of our beloved Naples during the magical period that connects day with night - the ideal time to let the thoughts of the past day slip on paper.

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Customer Reviews

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much to like, a few things not to

On the plus side, this is a beautifully made pen, the materials are superb and the finish is gorgeous. I love the proportions and size, it feels good and it is comfortable to write with for an extended period.

On the down side, it is not the smoothest nib (1.1 mm stub) it provides a fair degree of feedback and I can imagine if taking copious notes in a public library one would be greeted by disapproving glances as the pen happily rasps over the paper.

Having said that though, it does have a good ink flow and can keep up with large and fast writing. One thing I really like is that it does not dry out. You can pick up the pen after a couple of days and it is right there, no hard starts at all.

The one thing I hate about it is the color of mine. Had Truphae used this pen as their photo model I doubt I would have bought it. Instead of the vibrant colors of the one they picture, mine shows various shades of lackluster blues and violets and several different shades of manure. It is most disappointing in that respect. I understand resins can vary from one pen to the next, but when I opened this one up, I had to go back to the packing slip to make sure I had received the correct model.

Gioia Alleria-Pure joy

The Gioia Alleria is a beautiful pen and an absolute joy to write with.

Dan Loy

This is my first piston filler. It is hard to get use to not seeing how much ink has been drawn into the pen. It is a larger pen than I am use to also. However it feels good in my hand and is well balanced both with or without the cap posted. It is a smooth writing pen. I chose the fine nib, it has good ink delivery and feels nice on the paper. The piston filling system is smooth and seems to work well. The appearance and fit and finish are very nice. The nib is not overly decorated but looks nice as well. The pocket clip has firm retention without being difficult to slide over the pocket. Overall I am very pleased with the pen and have no regrets.

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