Hongdian 6013 Black Dahlia Fountain Pen

Hongdian 6013 Black Dahlia Fountain Pen

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For a pen at this price point, one might expect a cheaply made fountain pen. What is presented with the Hongdian Black Dahlia, however, is a quite surprising experience. Made from thick metal, it features a textured, cross hatch pattern throughout the body, which is accented beautifully by a subtle, smooth finished cap and grip section. It is a cartridge/converter filling mechanism, and comes with a converter attached for use with bottled ink.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Wong
Shipped wrong pen twice

Please ship correct product.

N. C. & E.J.
Great pen.

The black dahlia has nice grip, flows smoothly, nice heavy weight, but not too heavy. Have only used with cartridges. Would like to try refillable ink when cartridge runs dry. Thinking of ordering another for a gift.
We are having great fun with your lovely selection of pens. We have both recommended your site to others.
Great service too.


I got this pen in my month of August box. I love it. It do seem to write a little scratchy sometimes but most of the time you can not tell it. It is built like you is going into battle. It is fine but mine seem to write kind of medium. Which i love that about it. It writes very wet. I like it better than some of my expensive pens. I will keep this pen out and use it all the time. Also love the screw on cap and fit on the back real good. THANKS TRUPHAE FOR THE GREAT BOX .

I love this pen!!

This is my everyday work pen. I have had to buy a new nib unit for it. Having the problem of occasional butterfingers working on thinly covered concrete kind of messes with the nib a good bit. It's survived quite a few bounces off the nib before I decided I wasn't comfortable with the abuse I'd put that nib through. New nib in and she's just as good as new(even with all the chips and scratches)! I'm definitely horrible to this pen, but the amazing thing to me is how well she's taken it. If this one ever gives up the ghost, another just like her will take her place!

Meagan Flora
Great quality, affordable fountain pen

This pen flows well, fills easily, has a nice grip, and has good weight to it!

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