Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&
Maiora Impronte Winter&

Maiora Impronte Winter's Breath Fountain Pen

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Writing is like taking the imprints of the soul, and even the smallest imprints leave a mark on this world.

The Maiora Impronte Winter's Breath is a numbered Truphae limited edition fountain pen that immediately catches the eye through a harmonious combination of color that invites the user to celebrate the beautiful life that Italy provides. From friendship and festivity with locals to the joy of art appreciation found throughout this iconic destination. The Impronte embodies a dark palate, reminiscent of the colors found throughout the Italian countryside, under the Mediterranean sun and reflected on the rocky hillsides. Impronte's design and the emotion it evokes serves as inspiration for Maiora's artisans as they create each piece by hand, using old skills passed down through the generations.

The body is made from special resin turned by hand from solid bars, and it features a #6 JoWo nib with the Maiora logo.

The fountain pen has a cartridge/converter filling system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Looks great, poor capping

Confirming what other reviewers have said, this pen looks beautiful, feels great in the hand, writes well, but dries out very quickly due to poor capping.

Beautiful, but not comfortable for writing with

First of all, this is a beautiful, beautifully made pen. It came to me in a Collector's Box, along with 5 ink samples: a pretty impressive value, in my mind. Unfortunately, I just can't get past a major design choice: this is a very large pen. Similar in size to a Penlux Grande, if any of you have that. But look at the section. It is, compared to the Penlux (or the slightly smaller Visconti Van Gogh Maxi I also have out), very short and with a very pronounced inward indentation both top and bottom. After even a couple of pages of steady writing, I find my index finger and thumb begin to go numb and then to cramp. I can't really adjust my grip (as one would automatically on the Penlux or the Visconti) because of the deepness of the section indentation: this pen really wants you to hold it one way, and one way only. And if your paws don't fit the section, well... too bad for you. Or... too bad for me. It makes me sad, because this really is a beautiful pen. I'd love to love it. I'd love it to be my everyday carry. But I'd call this a pen to try before you buy, myself. I didn't, and it makes me sad. Hence the low rating. But if it fits you, if it fits your grip, it really is a lovely pen. A smooth writer, handsomely made of lovely quality materials.

A pleasant surprise!

I received this pen in my Collector's Box. It is on the larger size - at least in the body - but still very comfortable to write with... even with my smallish hands. I wasn't really aware of this brand until this landed in front of my door so I wasn't sure what to expect! Mine initially came with a stub (1.5 mm) nib and though I have a few stubs in my collection, they were all the usual 1.1 mm. The one it came with was still a beautiful writing experience though - perfectly smooth no matter the angle and I LOVED it. It was a bit impractical for my small writing so I ended up returning the pen and got it exchanged for a smaller nib and it's every bit the amazing writer, even though it's a steel nib. My eyes are definitely on Maiora now - color me impressed and a fan!

P.S. It was amazing with the Private Reserve Electric DC Blue that came with it.

Adam Norberg
Flawed cap design leaves ink dry on the nib

This pen is beautiful, and made an excellent first, second, and third impression when I got it in my Collector's Box. Its curved grip section is very comfortable for me, and I would like to use it as one of my primary pens; unfortunately, ink tends to dry up in the nib and feed overnight. (This was Private Reserve Electric DC Blue.)

The clip appears to be mounted on the cap by means of a slot. Looking into the cap with a flashlight, I can see where it narrows to make a seal around the section and nib, but the clip is drilled right into that area, offering a chance for more air exchange than is appropriate.

So, I'm disappointed - it's a beautiful pen, but it's very difficult to keep it writing, and I prefer to use my pens.

Quality fountain pen

I got this pen as part of my monthly subscription and it’s a beautiful pen. I love how it feels, writes, and the craftsmanship is outstanding.

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