ST Dupont Ligne 2 Exclusive 2SAINTS Cowboy Limited Edition 88 Lighter & Base

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This particular lighter is a special order piece, so please be advised that the handling time is around 5 months. Because this item is made-to-order, returns are not accepted. The item will need to be paid for to begin the commissioned work. As this piece is limited to only 88 pieces worldwide, production will begin at the point of payment. At Truphae, we will keep the buyer updated on all progress as the creation is being made. We are authorized dealers for S.T. Dupont, and this piece comes direct from the distributor. Any invoices and proof of purchase needed can be provided to the buyer at any point. Don't pass up the opportunity to own a very rare piece from the S.T. Dupont collection below the usual online price! Enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing from one of the most credible luxury goods sellers online!

2 SAINTS was created by a young Franco-American creator, George, polymorphic artist, craftsman and designer in the day, and a musician by night. Not wanting to mix his professional identity and his musical activities, George appears only masked and will reveal his identity only when he sees fit. George chose to create his brand 2 SAINTS: "2 SAINTS is a little like my father, who was a company boss in the week and blue drummer by the weekend. It ultimately represents all men who have a passion in life which does not reflect their professional activity. I want to express my two cultures: French style and American energy." American father, French mother, George bathed in a double culture, traveling annually from Paris to New York, the two cities where his family lives. His father transmitted to him his passion for cars and music, his mother's passion for painting and sculpture, and with a certain predilection for Arman and Caesar. It was this duality that gave birth to the idea of the Highway Star Collection and that of Rock & Skulls. Today, George is inspired by the new masculinity that pops the New York underground: a liberated masculinity, drawing on the traditional signs of manhood and in the modern sensibility that he translates into the design of men's accessories combining the New York energy and the French elegance.


Following the inspiration from S.T. Dupont's limited edition of the year - Conquest of the Wild West, the historic legend of the American Cowboy from the late 19th century is extraordinary. The image of the cowboy, apart from being highly romanticized, is an idealized representative of the tradition of chivalry. He is the ideal representation of masculinity. Maison Dupont, in collaboration with 2SAINTS, hand-sculpts the stunning sumptuousness of the cowboy guns into hand-sculpted writing instruments and lighters.

This lighter features a bronze body with yellow gold and rhodium finishes, with a finely guilloched ignition roller. This is the coveted double flame burner as well!

Fully working and ready to use.
Shipping note: We will keep the buyer updated with all progress through the creation of their special piece. As these are made-to-order, production will take around 5 months. Upon completion of payment, the commissioned work will begin and paperwork will be provided to the buyer as proof of purchase. As we are S.T. Dupont dealers, we will provide a 2 year warranty.

Comes with all boxes and papers!