ST Dupont Phoenix Renaissance Limited Ed. Premium Palladium Cufflinks ST005523

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This particular cufflinks set is in brand new and unused condition! We are authorized dealers for S.T. Dupont, and this piece comes direct from the distributor. Most of these go for full retail prices because of how rare they are, so don't pass up the opportunity to own a great piece from the Phoenix Renaissance collection below the usual online price! Enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing from one of the most credible luxury goods sellers online!

One might almost believe that the mythological Phoenix has been watching over S.T. Dupont ever since it was founded in 1872. It offered its wings to the master goldsmiths to adorn their hallmark and instilled in them a fervent love for fire that was transformed into an art. The "Phoenix Renaissance" Limited Edition is inspired by the legendary journey of the firebird that returns to the temple of Heliopolis, after being reborn. This collection, on the theme of revival, superbly illustrates the endlessly renewed inspiration of the House craftsmen, who express themselves by combining ancient techniques in the creation of a unique red flamed natural lacquer adorned with smoky and fiery nuances. The gold-toned reflections of the natural lacquer are enhanced by gold-finished inserts, hand-sculpted individually in the effigy of the Phoenix and adorned with two precious citrine stones. The majestic hand-sculpted Phoenix statue is mounted on a flamed lacquered stand with gold finishes. The bird carries the 2016 majestic pieces created for this collection.

Fully working and ready to use.

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