ST Dupont Stones Fortune Queen Bee Diamond Ruby Limited Edition 8 Fountain Pen

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This particular pen is a special order piece, so please be advised that the handling time is around 5 months. Because this item is made-to-order, returns are not accepted. The item will need to be paid for to begin the commissioned work. As this piece is limited to only 8 pieces worldwide, production will begin at the point of payment. At Truphae, we will keep the buyer updated on all progress as the creation is being made. We are authorized dealers for S.T. Dupont, and this piece comes direct from the distributor. Any invoices and proof of purchase needed can be provided to the buyer at any point. Don't pass up the opportunity to own a very rare piece from the S.T. Dupont collection below the usual online price! Enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing from one of the most credible luxury goods sellers online!

Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio follows a second generation family tradition, since 1968, in the creation of objects d'art and gemstone carving (also known as glyptography), an ancient art with roots from pre-Babylonian times. An engineer by profession, he grew up surrounded by art, sculpture, minerals & gemstones; artists, master carvers and jewelers were ingrained in his everyday life at his family studio in Lima, Peru, where he spent most of his formative years. His knowledge on precious stones was organically acquired during constant visits to mines around the world where he hunted for exceptional gemstones; making the quest for rarity and quality an exquisite lifetime pursuit. His art is characterized by the fusion of sculpting techniques and those of jewelry fabrication, the use of exceptional gemstones, the daring design and the flawless execution carried out by hand which is vital in order to give a soul to each creation. After mastering his craft, Quispe Aparacio moved to Paris in search for a new vision and to broaden his scope through the specialization in luxury goods. Examples of this can be seen in his collection "The Beast Within" which was inspired by the resounding influence nature has on man after Quispe Aparacio's numerous travels to Africa. Today, though, he travels the world in search for the rarest gemstones to incorporate into his work, his studio specializes in carving rub. The second hardest gemstone found on earth after the diamond, few artists have managed to successfully work with ruby as it requires advanced technique in vision, carving and polishing. His works are displayed in museums in the United States and Europe and enjoyed by private collectors around the world.

Queen Bee Fountain Pen

The Queen Bee Fountain Pen - crafted from gemstones and vermeil - was inspired by the ancient Greek nymph Kleodora, whose upper body resembled that of a woman and the lower part, a bee. The development and creation of this unusual accessory took Luis Alberto nearly one year. The collection consists of 5 different precious and semi-precious stones, including Tanzanian ruby, B.C. Nephrite Jade, Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, Brazilian Amethyst and Peruvian Rock Crystal, adorned with diamonds and rubies with an obsidian carved honeycomb base. Kleodora Queen Bee Fountain Pen is a piece of art that combines both a writing instrument and the art of lapidary. Indeed, writing instruments and lapidary is not a combination you see often. Having formed the final idea and having sketched it on paper, the manufacturing process of the Queen Bee consisted in numerous steps as hand wax carving, metal forging, 3D modeling, and gemstone carving and setting. Besides the intricate manufacturing stages, there were many small steps that made the process much more complex. The hardest thing was to obtain harmony in the combination of the techniques like lapidary, several ways of working with metal and technical planning. When it came to stone carving, the level of precision for every piece has to be really high. Every part in stone has to be hand carved and fitted into the metal, so precision at all times is necessary. It took nearly 300 working hours to create one Queen Bee pen, since it was made by hand from start to finish. In collaboration with master stone carver, Luis Alberto, L'Aquart and Maison S.T. Dupont have created the magnanimous collections with hand carving the Queen Bee in rock crystal & obsidian stones.

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Shipping note: We will keep the buyer updated with all progress through the creation of their special piece. As these are made-to-order, production will take around 5 months. Upon completion of payment, the commissioned work will begin and paperwork will be provided to the buyer as proof of purchase. As we are S.T. Dupont dealers, we will provide a 2 year warranty.

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