Taccia Jeans Collection

Taccia Jeans Collection #7 Grey Ink Bottle

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Taccia fountain pen ink is developed and made in Japan, and inspired by the Japanese way of seeing colors in a very pure, honest and innocent way. All of the colors should give you the feeling you had when were a child and saw a set of crayons for the first time.

Taccia inks have the perfect balance of permeability and viscosity so that it flows nicely on paper, but is not harsh on pen nibs. The pH value of the ink is neutral, and is formulated so not to damage pen resins or celluloid.

The 2020 Jeans collection is inspired by various denim washes to express varying tones of blue.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Taccia
Bottle Material: Glass
Type: Bottled Ink
Color: Grey
Condition: New
Volume: 40ml

Dry Time: 20 seconds
Waterproof: No
Fast drying: No
Scented: No
Sheen: No
Shading: Medium
Shimmer: No
Fluorescent: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Logan Warnick
Pleasant surprise

I didn't have high expectations for my sample of this ink, but was surprised by the color (more blue-grey than true grey) and the shading (considerable!) It may be too light on finer nibs, but I used it in a wet TWSBI broad, and found it easily readable. I did not have trouble with bleeding or show through on my usual papers--bank, rhodia, oasis.

Gregory Short
Doesn’t Play Well With (Most) Paper

This ink was absolutely horrendous in a Piccadilly journal, soaking right through the paper, with some of the worst feathering you’ll ever see. It was slightly better in a Moleskine journal. Even on a Rhodia pad, it makes its way to the other side of the page, but has virtually no feathering or spread. The real surprise here is it performs pretty well on HP Premium 32# paper, with significant spread (M to B), but no feathering or bleed through. In these tests, I used a Fountain Pen Revolution Himalaya V2 with a medium nib. Play with a sample before even considering a full bottle.

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