U-Boat U-42 Automatic Watch

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At Baselworld U-BOAT unveils Capsule, the latest creation designed by Italo Fontana. Inspired directly by the first undersea exploration modules, Capsule is the latest creation designed by Italo Fontana. Fascinated by depth gauges made in the early 1930s, Italo designed this watch with their characteristic features in mind, from the rounded shape to the porthole windows with water pressure resistant glass to ensure that the people inside the cabin survived the dive. These spherical portholes made from strong glass were clamped to the outside surface of the capsule using a system of levers to ensure water resistance. The Capsule watch uses a patented system to clamp the glass to the grade 5 titanium case, featuring a system of external fixing levers guaranteed to withstand the pressure exerted by both outside and inside agents. The two main levers, blocked in place by a third one positioned at 3 o’clock and by special safety screws, press the domed glass in hesalite against the waterproof gasket beneath. This system secures the watch in the event of pressure changes.The entire process of opening and removing the glass can be performed without dismantling any of the watch’s main components (usually the bezel must be removed), but only the glass. Limited Edition 288 pieces, the watch will come in two different versions: respectively with black and beige color dial.