Visconti Bordeaux Red 40ml Ink Bottle-Visconti-Truphae
Visconti Bordeaux Red 40ml Ink Bottle-Visconti-Truphae

Visconti Bordeaux Red 40ml Ink Bottle

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Visconti has created is a line of luxurious inks that reflect the beauty and extravagance of Italy. Each bottle is a beautifully crafted plastic container designed in a gorgeous shape. The large opening at the top allows the user to get every last drop from the bottle.

We are authorized retailers for Visconti, so this bottle will come directly from the manufacturer.

Complete with all boxes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

A great RED for vibrant non traditional red ink seekers. It works well in my EF Benu Euphoria Autumn pen.

Caught somewhere interesting between RED and MAROON.

My 2022 birthday present to my self ( it’s been a tough year) needed to be unique.

So I chose this ink.

When it arrived I was wowed by the packaging. Yes! I really mean that!
The durable plastic covering surrounds the ink on a pedestal, further with a “neo-historic” pedestal ink bottle.

My first two thoughts: “ I could travel with this ink securely.”, and “The ink will be easy to fill l.”, followed by wonder.

Luckily I had a moment to embrace the visual sensation of delight.

Yes. it’s My first bottle. I’ve enjoyed V’s. carts before in those delectable speckled safety containers .

Well this has that speckled resin in its packaging, cap.

Thank you Visconti for caring for my experiences. (You do not merely say: “Here is your worthy ink in a generic plastic/glass bottle of , in a delicate white square cardboard box!”, nor is this ink a perfume bottle that has a narrow opening leading to ink on the mitts.

Ok, if you know of a friend who has never had a bottle of Visconti ink - by all means this giving season treat them to a Visconti ink experience.
You will never be forgotten.

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