Visconti Divina Fashion 2018 Black & Silver Colored Trim Ballpoint Pen

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Made in Italy
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This particular pen is a pre-order piece, so please be advised that the pens are expected to ship out sometime around the early part of August. Because this item is a special order piece, returns are not accepted; however, this pen will come with a warranty from Visconti. At Truphae, we will keep the buyer updated on all progress as the watch is being ordered in. We are authorized dealers for Visconti, and this piece comes direct from the manufacturer. Any invoices and proof of purchase needed can be provided to the buyer at any point. Don't pass up the opportunity to own a fantastic piece from the Visconti collection! Enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing from one of the most credible luxury goods sellers online!

Visconti’s Divina collection is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the golden ratio, which is said to convey true knowledge and beauty. Visconti originally applied the golden ratio to the Divina collection, generating a revolutionary design, changing the aesthetic of fountain pens. 

Visconti took inspiration from the golden ratio, the pentagram and the nautilus when designing the iconic Divina collection:

  •  The golden number: found in the ratio between the lengths of the cap and pen in both open and closed states, reflecting the divine proportion.
  • The pentagram: the shape of the pen itself, adapted to the ergonomic needs of a writing instrument.
  • The nautilus or “golden spiral”: according to the Fibonacci sequence, the golden spiral harmoniously envelops the pen.

The Divina collection originally launched during the 2005 Cannes Film Festival alongside the award winning film, “The Da Vinci Code”. A writing instrument was gifted to the films leading actor, Tom Hanks.


The golden number was originally codified by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 14th century. The Divina collection is designed following the rules of the golden number, where the pen’s cap is 0.618 of the entire length of the pen itself. The Divina is crafted with a pentagon shape, representing the union of the four elements, giving birth to the fifth “divine” element. The spiral shape represents the nautilus shell, another symbol of divine proportion. This collection is crafted with solely precious materials. The metal trims are palladium plated, and the resin consists of a compound of acrylic resin and mother of pearl dust.

In 2018 Visconti is thrilled to introduce the Divina Fashion collection. It is based on the iconic Divina body and features an enamel filling in place of the traditional metallic wires. The writing instrument features a pull and turn filling system with a retractable actuator. The Divina collection is available as a fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pen. 

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