AP Limited Editions

AP Limited Editions is founded by Anuj Poddar, an avid pen and art collector. His fascination for collecting pens began at the age of nine when he learned fine penmanship. Poddar spent his early years in India and his teenage years studying in England, where he nurtured his passion for exploring fountain pens in the vibrant city of London. He immigrated to the USA and became an active member of the pen collector fraternity. Driven by the passion for pens and the appreciation of heritage art traditions, Poddar spent years exploring traditional art forms that could be applied to pens and studying the technical features required to produce pens of the finest quality.

AP Limited Editions (founded on February 19, 2006 in Los Angeles, California); is the realization of Poddar's vision and passion to produce a perfect writing instrument that is also a work of art. Pushing the boundaries of heritage traditions of Lacquer Art from Japan and Russia, AP creates perfect writing instruments that are heirlooms to be handed over from one generation to the next.

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