Team Members

Hello! It's great to meet you!
Owner, CEO
Chris Henline

I hope to never lose touch of our one-on-one customer service approach as it has served to build some of the greatest relationships and friendships I have ever had.

I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, in a small town called Spruce Pine. I learned at an early age what it meant to work as a means of survival, by stacking wood for my grandparents, starting my own lawn maintenance business at 12, and working at my parents’ furniture store all throughout high school and college.

With an early fascination in cars, and pretty much anything expensive, I didn’t know until my senior year of college that there was actually a collectors’ market for fine fountain pens. In fact, I thought they were a thing of the past! One of my best friends in college introduced me to Montblanc, and the amazing writing instruments they offered for sale, and I was instantly hooked. Truphae started as a way to earn a little supplemental income while I pursued a career in investment banking. I was blessed to work on Wall Street through an internship, tied with a continuing education program. After the internship ended, I began struggling to interview for firms in New York while being located in North Carolina. I eventually decided to pursue my true interest, and leave behind any aspirations of vast wealth. I wed my long-time girlfriend and pursued Truphae full time in 2016!

We moved to New York on our wedding day (we literally left the wedding and drove to the airport), and spent a year in the Big Apple. New York certainly taught us some great things, and gave us the drive to pursue our dreams. We relocated to Greenville, South Carolina (where I went to college!) in 2017, and have been here ever since! My dream for Truphae is to become a one-stop shop for all things fountain pens, and pen related items. I hope to never lose touch of our one-on-one customer service approach as it has served to build some of the greatest relationships and friendships I have ever had. Our pursuit of this goal has blessed us with 6 fantastic team members, who you will meet below. If you have shared interests with any one of them, they’d love to hear from you!

Kylie Henline

As the co-owner, support, and wife behind the Truphae brand, I naturally fell into the creative design side of the business, working mostly with ink and artwork. I am originally from Oregon, but grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. I’m a lover of all things furry, and am an aspiring Vegan. When I’m not working with Chris and the business, you can usual find me at a yoga studio!

Digital Marketing

As the digital guru for Truphae, I manage multiple social media channels, organize photoshoots, interact with customers, write content, and ultimately help grow the company through strategic digital guidance. I love the visual side of the pen business - finding cool ways to display new models, and making each brand just as visually appealing as the next (I get it - everyone loves Montblanc, but there are other fun brands, too!). My free time is split between digital marketing (Instagram-obsessed), spending time with my two pet pigs (they're kinda famous!), modeling (yes I let them Photoshop me), and watching all types of films (horror is the best!).

Head of operations

I am a native of Colorado that landed here in the upstate of South Carolina in 2015. I had hopes to grow personally and professionally, as part of a thriving community. Joining the Truphae team as the Head of Operations has given me the opportunity to explore my creativity as well as contribute in a meaningful way. At Truphae, we value our personal connection to our customers, our local community, and ultimately our global community. We are always finding ways to make a difference, be it large or small. This is why I am honored to be a part of the team. 

Digital Marketing strategist

I collaborate with Truphae's team to boost search engine ranking, collect analytics, optimize online sales, and more. My Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance and Economics helps me turn data into results. Problem-solving is my passion, so I spend a lot of time strategizing ways to improve website performance, build backlinks, and amp up advertising campaigns. If I’m not at my computer, chances are I’m enjoying the outdoors or a cold craft-beer.

Warehouse Manager

I am originally from Connecticut (unfortunately, LOL), and never looking back! Greenville has become my adopted home, and I am very lucky to have become a part of the Truphae team. I’ll admit, it took me a little while to get into the world of fountain pens, but now that I have I don’t think I could see myself writing with a plain old Bic! In my free time I am a huge music nerd and a drummer. I’m looking forward to becoming more well-versed in everything fountain pens!


I am an avid Truphae admirer—no, but seriously. Joining forces with Truphae has taught me so much about the value of a beautiful pen. I started out appreciating simply working behind the curtain and getting to use my creativity alongside the rest of the team. Since getting to photograph these pens and discuss the meaning behind each unique style, I have a newfound respect for luxury fountain pens. Being from a small town near the coast of South Carolina, I've always had a passion for capturing moments, whether through writing or photographs. I have a special place in my heart for tea time, cats, and the outdoors. As a lovable goofball, I strive to make those around me laugh and see the brighter side of things. My greatest aspiration is to truly live in each moment and stay in awe of the little things—they count!

Content Creator

After moving to South Carolina from Illinois in 2014, I found myself drawn to all sorts of art forms as a creative outlet in my free time from playing volleyball. Journaling and video creation were my favorite hobbies. Now I get to do product photography and create video content for Truphae. Educating our customers while learning new things myself is my biggest goal. I use my fountain pens for bullet journaling and writing cards to friends. Outside of Truphae I coach and play volleyball, love to cook new vegetarian meals, and spend time with my adorable Siamese cat.