Stipula Calamo Bright Green Ink Bottle

Stipula Calamo Bright Green Ink Bottle

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The Stipula Calamo fountain pen ink offers an authentic writing experience. Direct from Italy, packaged in a beautiful glass bottle that has been treated to protect the ink from light exposure deterioration, the Stipula Calamo ink is a must-have addition to your fountain pen ink supply.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Stipula
Bottle Material: Glass
Type: Bottled Ink
Color: Green
Condition: New
Volume: 70ml

Dry Time: 2 seconds
Waterproof: No
Fast drying: No
Scented: No
Sheen: No
Shading: Low
Shimmer: No
Fluorescent: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kurt Hammerbeck

Stipula Calamo Bright Green Ink Bottle

Gorgeous shade!

Got a sample in my Inkredible box and after shooting some of it all over my table/hands (was filling the converter with a syringe for the first time!), I got some of it in the pen and what a GORGEOUS shade of green! Loved it.

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