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If you are searching for a new pen, you may want to start your search with American-made pens. Some of the leading pen companies are based in the USA and continue to manufacture products domestically.

History of American-Made Pens

The history of pens starts in Europe, but it did not take long for American companies to start making a mark in the pen industry. Before fountain pens, people often used dip pens to write. A dip pen does not include an ink reservoir. You need to dip the pen in ink.

In the early 1800s, several European companies patented pen designs that included an ink reservoir. By the 1850s, fountain pens were catching on across the world.

Esterbrook was one of the first American pen companies to produce fountain pens. The company was founded in 1858 in Camden, New Jersey.

Esterbrook soon established itself as the largest pen manufacturer in the US. However, many other American companies manufactured pens during this period.

Conklin Pen Company, Parker Pen Company, and others were established in the late 1800s to capitalize on the demand for fountain pens. In 1888, the first ballpoint pen was introduced. By the early 1900s, ballpoint pens and fountain pens had mostly replaced dip pens.

These companies helped introduced the fountain pen and ballpoint pen to the American market. However, out of these early pen companies, only Parker Pen Company continues to manufacture its parts entirely in the US.

What Are the Best American-Made Pen Brands?

Not all US-based businesses make products on US soil. Some of the American pen companies that continue to manufacture pens in the United States include:

Along with these companies, there are many other reputable American pen companies. However, not all companies make products in the US.

Cross, Conklin, Monteverde, and Sheaffer are a few of the American pen companies that rely on manufacturers in other countries. Cross is based in Rhode Island but makes its pens in China. Cross purchased Sheaffer in 2014.

Private Reserve is another US company that outsources its parts from foreign countries. It obtains inks and other components from Europe and compiles its pens in the United States.


The Esterbrook Pen Company was one of the largest American pen companies for many years. At its peak, the company was producing over 216 million pens per year. However, the company was bought out by a larger company.

Venus Pencil Company acquired Esterbrook in 1967. By 1971, Esterbrook ceased producing pens. The brand was revived in 2014 when Harpen Brand Holdings acquired the rights to the name. The brand was most recently acquired by Kenro industries. Kenro manufactures pens in Taiwan using the Esterbrook brand name.

Parker Pen Company

Parker Pen Company is another former giant of the pen industry that no longer makes pens in the USA. George Safford Parker founded the Parker Pen Company in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1888.

From the 1920s to the 1960s, the Parker Pen Company was one of the two largest pen companies in the world. The company had a wide variety of successful products, including the Parker 51 fountain pen.

The Parker 51 was marketed as the “World’s Most Wanted Pen” and generated over $400 million in sales for the company. However, the company relocated its headquarters to England in 1986 and was purchased by the Gillette company in 1993.

Gillette sold ownership of Parker to Newell Rubbermaid in 2000. The company is part of Newell Brands, which is an American manufacturer, but its products are made in France.

Edison Pen Company

The Edison Pen Company is one of the newest American pen companies. Brian and Andrea Gray founded the company in 2007 in the basement of their home in Milan, Ohio. The company is named after Thomas Edison, who was born in Milan.

The steel nibs used on Edison pens feature the company’s logo. The logo resembles a light bulb as a small reference to the company’s namesake Thomas Edison.

LeBoeuf Pens

The LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company was established in 1919 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company is credited with being the first pen manufacturer to make pens using celluloid instead of hard rubber, which resulted in a stronger pen.

LeBoeuf is one of the few older American pen companies that continues to make its pens in the United States. With over 100 years of history, LeBoeuf knows what it takes to make a great pen.


Noodlers is another choice for those wanting American-made pens. The company is based in the United States and continues to make pens domestically. However, the company is only a little over a decade old.

The company was founded by Nathan Tardif in 2012 and has gained a reputation for incorporating socio-political commentary through its selection of inks and designs.

ZOIA Pen Sleeves

ZOIA Pen Sleeves are designed and made by a pair of young entrepreneurs from the state of Georgia. Zoe and Sylvia Krusac are the daughters of penmaker Ryan Krusac.

The siblings make colorful pouches for storing and protecting your prized fountain pens. Each pen sleeve is handmade and features a stylish kimono design.


American-made pens are known for their luxurious designs and innovative features. You can explore options from the Parker Pen Company and other American brands online. Truphae has a vast selection of American-made fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and more.

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