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Italian-Made Pens

For those wanting luxury writing instruments, Italian-made pens offer many advantages, including bold designs and quality construction. You also have a long list of Italian pen brands to choose from.

Italian Pen Brands

Italy is home to an assortment of respected pen manufacturers, from older companies with over a century of experience to modern pen designers with custom products. To help you select the right pen, here is an overview of the top Italian pen brands.


Guiseppe Zanini founded the company that would become Ancora in 1919. Ancora was one of the most famous Italian pen brands up until the 1950s and the introduction of the ballpoint pen.

The company folded in 1975. However, the brand was revived in 1988. Modern Ancora pens are handmade works of art from a skilled artisan in Milan.


Isaia Levi founded Aurora in 1919, and the company opened its first factory in Turin, Italy. Aurora focused on producing fountain pens for the Italian market before expanding to other parts of Europe in the 1930s. With over 100 years of experience, Aurora has a long history of producing high-quality pens.


Delta is a pen company founded in 1982. It is younger than some of the other Italian pen brands but stands out for its innovative designs, including the popular Fusion Nib. Delta went out of business in 2017 but was reestablished with a new owner in 2022.


Gioia was founded in 2014. However, the team at Gioia includes master craftsmen with decades of experience. The company makes a variety of fountain pens, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens. Each product is individually crafted and 100% made in Italy.

Leonardo Officina Italiana

Leonardo pens are handmade, ensuring close attention to detail and exceptional quality control. The company was co-founded by the son of one of the founders of Delta pens. Each pen is hand-turned from a solid bar in celluloid or resin.


LOCLEN was established in 2008 and is well-known for making handcrafted metal fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and roller pens. The name of the company is an acronym formed using the names of the founder’s children. The company makes durable pens from steel, brass, and aluminum.


Maiora produces handmade fountain pens in Naples, Italy. Founded in 1911, Maiora is one of the oldest Italian pen brands. Most Maiora pens are made of metal or acrylic and feature steel or gold nibs. The piston-filled pens are perfect for all types of writing and drawing.


Mario and Antonio Esposito founded the Marlen pen company in 1982 with the company specializing in handmade fountain pens. Each collection includes a limited number of pens, which makes some of the company’s pens quite scarce. If you want a truly unique pen, consider browsing for Marlen pens.


Montegrappa is one of the oldest pen companies in Italy. A stationery merchant, Leopoldo Tullio Aquila, founded Montegrappa in 1912. His love of pens led to the creation of some of the best gold fountain pens produced. The company still manufactures products at its original factory in Bassano del Grappa.


Nettuno is another Italian pen company with a history that reaches back over 100 years. The company was originally established in 1911. While the company eventually closed its doors, the doors were reopened in 2018 when the brand was revived.


Omas is an Italian manufacturer that specialized in writing instruments, including fountain pens. Omas was established in 1925 in Bologna, Italy. It became one of the largest pen companies in Europe before folding in 2016. As with several other Italian pen brands, the Omas brand was recently revived.


Pineider stands out compared to other Italian pen companies due to its age. The company was founded in 1774 and introduced its first fountain pen in 1884. The first Pineider pen featured a patented ink-loading system. Rovagnati, an Italian stationery company, acquired Pineider in 2016.


Pininfarina is an Italian design firm founded in 1930. The firm has worked on projects for a variety of industries, including the automobile industry and the pen industry. Pininfarina has partnered with Ferrari, Fiat, and Visconti, but the company’s latest offerings are cost-effective, handcrafted fountain pens.

Speedometer Official

Marco Gatti founded Speedometer Official in 2013 after spending decades designing custom jewelry and watches for luxury brands. While the company specializes in making handcrafted bracelets, Speedometer Official has also released a series of high-end fountain pens. The metal pens are made from quality steel for enhanced durability.


Stipula pens are manufactured in Florence, Italy. Established in 1973, the Stipula Pen Company is known for its unique pen designs intended for both avid pen collectors and new purchasers. You can rely on Stipula pens for smooth operation, as each pen is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

TF Est 1968

TF Est 1968 is a luxury brand that focuses on producing men’s accessories, including cufflinks. The company was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, but manufactures products in various parts of Europe, including France. While TF Est 1968 is not an Italian brand, the company’s metal fountain pens have a style that closely resembles some of the leading Italian pens.


Tibaldi pens are made with stainless steel and include an ebonite feeder to deliver smooth, reliable writing. Giuseppe Tibaldi founded Tibaldi in 1916 in Florence, Italy. The company moved its headquarters to Bassano del Grappa in 2004, which is also home to Montegrappa.


Venvstas is one of many Italian pen brands that specializes in handcrafted fountain pens. Filippo Carmignani Tirelli and Lucio Rossi founded Venvstas in 2018 after initially meeting in 2009. Venvstas pens feature a distinct minimalist design that is a stark contrast compared to many of the other pens on the market.


Visconti stands apart from many of the other Italian pen companies due to its size. Visconti is a major corporation with a large variety of products, including luxury pens and watches. The company’s fountain pens feature some of the most advanced designs but also include cost-effective options for those shopping for their first fountain pen.


Italian-made pens often feature solid construction, bold designs, and an artistic flair. You can expect to find luxurious pens with interesting design elements and precise construction that is not easily matched.

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Italian Pen Brands

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