Aurora 88 Limited Edition Minerali Fountain Pens

Aurora 88 Minerali Demonstrators: Traditional Luxury Meets Modern Style

What brands come to mind when you think of some of the first true Italian fountain pens? If one of them is not Aurora, it should be. Founded in 1919 by a textile merchant in Turin, Aurora now boasts a full century of experience, meaning their skills and refined techniques are some of the best in the whole industry. The technology they use and their extremely unique features are certainly some of the reasons why they have stood the test of time. With real Italian roots that have lasted over 4 generations, the current owners (the Verona family) pride themselves in not only some of the world’s best pens, but also leather goods, clocks, paper, and more. Aurora’s demonstrator pens - specifically the Minerali series - are the perfect example of their quest to blend this lasting tradition with the modern world.

Why Demonstrators?

If you’re fascinated with pens like we are, what better way to get a deeper appreciation and understanding of them than seeing them hard at work? With demonstrators, you can truly see inside the pen and watch how the mechanism works. In fact, these pens originated from manufacturers who wanted to show buyers and sellers exactly how they functioned. What we love about them is that they really stand out in a collection. While many of the more luxurious fountain pens come in standard tones such as black, brown, blue, silver, and gold (with an occasional pop of a bright color), the clarity of demonstrators gives them a modern look that really stands out.


Why Aurora?

Aurora’s love of demonstrators stems from their love for nature - inspired by pure minerals, natural elements, and the beauty that they transmit. We can totally feel the purity and simple beauty in these clear fountain pens as well.

The Aurora 88 Minerali demonstrators feature a transparent resin cap and barrel, chrome trims, and Auroloide (cellulose acetate) details. They are produced with 18K solid white gold nibs, which are rhodium treated. These limited edition fountain pens come in Fine, Medium, and Broad nibs. The great thing about Aurora is that all their nibs are made in-house, meaning they are primed for customization! We work with a couple of the best nibmeisters, and are able to offer complimentary nib grinding. The pen also features an ebonite feed, so it offers the smoothest possible writing experience.

The cooler end of the spectrum includes Diopside (green), Azurite (blue), and Amethyst (purple), while moving to the warmer color spectrum includes such varieties as Amber (orange) and Cinnabar (red). Demonstrators are very time intensive to produce, because they take a great deal of time to polish inside and out, to make sure the pen is crystal clear.

To show Aurora’s own passion for the demonstrator model, they even released a completely transparent demonstrator to celebrate the 125th anniversary of their Stilo Fetti store in Rome, Italy. With only 125 of these in production (5 in solid gold with a diamond embedded in the clip!), this totally clear piece is sure to be a rare find for any collector.

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