Montegrappa Fortuna Blue Blazer

Montegrappa Blazer - and a HUGE announcement from Truphae!

We’ve talked quite a bit about Montegrappa lately, and for good reason. Namely, they just put out so many great pens! For instance, their Signature line is home to some of the brand’s most premium releases: the Extra (for the pen connoisseur), the Nerouno (a twist of both classical & modern), the Ducale (some of their very best classics), the Parola (for elegance), and the Fortuna (bold designs that we’ll get into with more detail on below).


Yes, bold is a great way to describe the Fortuna line. It has specifically been of interest to us as of late, partly for its form (a really pleasant feel in the hand), and partly for the extremely unique designs and finishes. With some great camouflage, skull, rainbow, and mosaic designs in this line, it’s hard not to find something that suits your style. The Blazer, however, has really caught our eye in a special way!

Montegrappa Fortuna Blue Blazer With Kon-Peki Ink


The Montegrappa Blazer

The Montegrappa Blazer is a force to be reckoned with. With inspiration coming from a swirling cup of whiskey (yes, this pen is named from the Blue Blazer drink and even comes with a free souvenir tankard!), the smooth and subtle mixture of colors is almost hypnotizing. Featuring hand-torched stainless steel, steel trim, and a steel nib, the pen feels powerful but elegant and a bit mysterious at the same time. Filled by cartridge or converter (included), and coming in Fine, Medium, and Broad nibs, the pen certainly has the “blue heat” feeling that was desired. (Check out this fun video from Montegrappa below, giving a deeper look into both the drink and the pen!)

Source: MontegrappaItalia YouTube Channel


For us though, we see the most fun in what we can pass on to YOU! (And no, it’s not the liquor talking! This is real!) The Montegrappa Blazer pen marks a special announcement from Truphae. For those who are subscribers of our monthly Inkredible Box, you can now be on the lookout for a little (or sometimes really big!) monthly treat.

Every month, we’re going to throw in one CRAZY EXCITING pen into our Collector Box for one lucky person. This box retails at the $150 level, but one lucky subscriber will find a pen valued at several hundred dollars (just like this Blazer) in their box for that particular month. If that’s not an incentive to subscribe now, we don’t know what is! 


Blaze A New Trail In 2019

Yes, this Montegrappa Blazer is a truly one-of-a-kind beauty from a brand that always puts out exciting designs – something for everyone.

If you want to see the Blazer in more detail, or if you want more details on our Inkredible Box where you can have the chance at receiving this pen as part of your subscription, just head over to our website! Remember that our boxes are fully customizable based on brand, color, nib preference, your current inventory, etc. The possibilities are truly endless! As always, remember to #BeInkredible!

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