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Game of Thrones Iron Throne: The Ultimate Gift for the Ultimate Fan

If you catch somebody talking about addictive TV, there’s a good chance they’re talking about Game of Thrones. Or if they’re talking about what’s best on HBO, what’s won an insane number of awards, or what has some of the biggest fans around the entire world (including critics!), they’re probably still talking about Game of Thrones. Based on a series of fantasy novels, the popular TV show deals with battling royal families for or against the Iron Throne. Dark magic and dragons are just a few of the fantastical elements that add to the tension of the real-life familial relationships and political struggles.

To celebrate this groundbreaking series, leave it to none other than Montegrappa to come out with the ultimate Game of Thrones pen. In fact, The Iron Throne pen is THE ultimate gift for Game of Thrones fans – or fans of exotic fountain pens in general. And with Montegrappa being famous for releasing elaborate special editions (most recently the UEFA Champions club football league pen, and the American Revolutionary War hero/pop culture phenomenon Alexander Hamilton pen), they were clearly the perfect fit to bring this idea to life.

game of thrones pen

The Iron Throne

This beautiful Game of Thrones pen comes in a variety of styles, depending on your preference. The most extravagant option is none other than solid gold (yes, you read that right). The other, much more affordable option is the sterling silver version shown here. It comes with a vermeil gold plated trim featuring dragons, stags, swords, and everything else you could imagine from this epic saga. The clip is created from a crown and a giant sword with a real ruby, which makes a great statement on the cap as well. It’s finished off with an 18K gold nib (featuring an Iron Throne pattern) and a piston filler system.

game of thrones fountain pen

Of course Montegrappa also offers rollerball and ballpoint versions, if you’re looking to save some money. And if you’re looking for even more affordable options compared to The Iron Throne, there are four other editions that have been released, corresponding to the four different families in the hit series: Stark (white and silver with a direwolf’s head clip), Baratheon (black and gold with a stag’s head clip), Lannister (orange and gold with a lion’s head clip), and Targaryen (red and black with a dragon’s head clip).

Inherit the Throne

If you are a massive Game of Thrones fan, or know someone who is and want to get them the perfect gift, now is the time! This extremely unique and detailed piece has been limited to only 300 pieces worldwide (and only 7 for the solid gold!), so you’ll need to jump on it fast before there are no more left. Contact us today for an incredible closeout price on these pieces! And for the real Game of Thrones fans, stay tuned for the 8th season (and series finale) next year in 2019. (Shh…there’s also a pilot episode being worked on for the prequel series – a new series set thousands of years before Game of Thrones!).

To shop the entire Game of Thrones collection available, just check out this link!

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