Montegrappa Samurai Figurine Set and Sterling Silver Fountain Pen - #177 Limited Edition

Montegrappa Samurai: Prepare for Battle

Every new year brings new changes and new opportunities. It’s also a good time to reflect on the previous year – the ups and downs, the best and the worst. Well, Montegrappa has what they believe to be the most acclaimed pen of 2018. Could it be a company exclusive or signature special edition? Something made of solid gold or diamonds? We’ll let you know in one word: Samurai.

Samurais, the military nobility officers of ancient Japan, have been admired for centuries. This warrior class, famous for their swift military prowess and strategic thinking, taught tactics that transcended not just martial arts, but also everyday life. From religious philosophies to new artistic interpretations to cultural ceremonies, samurai life extended into everything. And now, we still feel their presence. With famous foreign films such as Seven Samurai, to American re-imaginations of their culture in movies like The Last Samurai, our modern times still have a clear picture of this piece of history. 

But how has Montegrappa brought their love of this culture to fountain pens? You’ve seen the Chaos, and the Revolver, and the Game of Thrones specials. But we can guarantee you haven’t seen anything like the Samurai

samurai fountain pen

The Samurai

When you first look at the Samurai, it doesn’t even look like a pen. It appears more like an action figure – and it really is! Featuring fully movable and detachable parts, a Power-Push filling system, and a special letter opener sword, the Samurai is truly one of a kind.

This fountain pen (coming in Fine, Medium, and Broad nibs) has been created with sterling silver and rose gold plating, sterling silver trim, and an 18K gold nib.

With only 177 being issued, the pen is one of the rarest put out by Montegrappa (we won’t mention the 7 doubly special Samurais created in solid gold!). From the detailed helmet to the sleeved armor to the embroidered skirt, this is detail that’s never been seen in a fountain pen before (and yes, the pen is so rare and special that it only comes in the fountain pen option – no rollerballs over here!). If you’re unsure how it all pieces together, the Samurai head/chest/arms form the cap and the lower limbs form the pen barrel. When spending time with this one-of-a-kind piece, we guarantee you’ll spot a new detail with every extra glance! 

samurai fountain pen


Finding Your Inner Samurai

If you want to be one of the very lucky few who own this rare and magnificent pen, be sure to check out our latest arrivals here. Whether your purchase is for display, full writing use, or just to impress your friends – this is the pen to do it all with! And if you just want a tease, check out this fun official video from Montegrappa to whet your appetite in the meantime of your next big purchase:

(This is just the beginning from Montegrappa, too, as the newly created Warriors Collection promises many more surprises for fans in the future!)

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