S. T. Dupont seven seas

Sail the Seven Seas with S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont is the proud creator of marvelous specialty collections from all across pop culture.

We’ve brought such remarkable pieces to your attention, from films and film characters like Murder on the Orient Express and James Bond, to artists and the world of music such as Picasso and Fender.

S.T. Dupont has also released luxury sets showing off spectacular locations such as the Wild West (remember that incredible Conquest of the Wild West set featured here?), and now…the limited edition Seven Seas!

fountain pen collectors box

The Seven Seas box set is truly incredible! The entire package is a sight to be seen – a beautiful lacquered, teak box showing a map of 7 oceans opens to 2 sailing boats inside at a “dock” – one boat featuring a fountain pen within, and the other featuring a lighter.

Actual working marine compasses are formed into each piece, and the rest of the nautical-inspired design elements such as a porthole cover and a removable cord for creating a nautical knot all complete the look!

s.t. dupont pens


The Pen

The first of the two boats in this collector’s box contains the pen.

This awesome writing instrument set consists of a rollerball pen that you can change into a fountain pen. It also comes with a converter, a rollerball refill, a paper cutter, and a stainless steel letter opener.

Featuring a palladium and wooden lacquered finish, the pen contains a mini porthole and a working compass (and yes, it really does work!).

s.t. dupont

The pen also comes with a small cord, which can be wrapped around the top of the pen for the true nautical fan wanting to finish off the full boat theme.

If you’ve noticed the two masts on the side of the pen’s boat, they contain the refill and the parts needed to convert the pen into the fountain pen option.

s.t. dupont pens


The Lighter

The smoking kit includes an amazing Ligne 2 lighter, again with the natural lacquered wood effect to match the pen, plus a cigar punch. And no, the pen isn’t the only one – the lighter features an awesome working compass, too!

s.t. dupont hooked lighter

The specialty miniature rope completes the nautical look just like the pen. Those who use the lighter will be able to simply flip open the cap and spin the engraved roller to ignite it.

The back of the boat that holds the lighter even features a stainless steel engraving plate, for those looking to make this piece of their collection a bit more personalized (this can be found on the pen’s boat, too!). 

special edition pens


Set Sail Now

With a limited run of only 300 pieces, you won’t want to let this special edition set sail before you’re able to add it to your collection. If either the pen or lighter appeals to you more, they are also offered separately for purchase, too, with or without the special casing. We also offer a full selection of fountain pens and S. T. Dupont lighters.

Since this set is so detailed, feel free to message us with specific questions or requests, and we’ll get right back to you!

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    This must come with a hefty price tag, yea? How do I reserve one form r purchase?

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