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Truphae Exclusive: The Visconti Opera Master Stardust and Corvina

September 21, 2018: The day the fountain pen stars have officially aligned to create a Visconti-Truphae exclusive. Scratch that: two exclusives. The latest in the Opera Master line – the Stardust and the Corvina – are cosmically attractive and even more rare. We’re so pleased to announce these two new pens that we’ve designed especially for you, our customers. With a limited run of only 28 pieces in each color, and totally exclusive to Truphae, these Viscontis are sure to brighten your day and your collection.


So why Visconti? Well, we’ve totally fallen in love with the Opera Master design, and really wanted to create a version of that popular pen shape into something bold, but still classically appealing. Plus, with the decline of new Opera Master models over the past few years, it made sense to have Visconti bring it back for this particularly special occasion.

But it’s just another Opera Master right? Well, for our exclusive, we wanted to do something special for our fountain pen friends. With each purchase, you’ll also receive a bottle of ink (the fancy glass bottles, not plastic!) and a traveling inkwell. Popular dealer exclusives in the past have included ink bottles, and also traveling inkwells, but few, if any, have included both.

The Stardust

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The Stardust is the darker of the two pens, with a mixture of blacks, browns, reds, and white stardust speckles. Appearing like a starry night sky (or maybe a bottle of Coca Cola – whichever your preference!), this pen also has an enameled clip to make it stand out; where some models have the brand laser-etched in, these are actually enameled for that extra pop of color!

The Corvina

Coming in the same speckled pattern as the Stardust, the Corvina (named after the Italian red wine grape, not the fish!) is a little brighter, with more accents of red throughout. This one, however, comes with a palladium trim in order to appear a little brighter like the pen itself (yet retains the same enamel clip).

Both pens come in the standard fine, medium, and broad nib varieties, with a limited number of Extra Fine and Stub nibs as well. And although each speckled design is slightly different, you’ll also find these pens come with an interesting slightly-transparent feature as you cap them – in the right light, most of the models will let you peek through to the other side – but only just a little bit! Plus, you’ll also find that these are both equipped with the power filler system, in order to easily suck up the ink from your special ink bottle or traveling inkwell that comes with each purchase.

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A Special Introductory Price

We’re so excited about this exclusive collaboration with Visconti that we’re beginning our sales of these pens at the extremely low introductory rate of $995 for our loyal customers. Given our cost on these pens, and the immense amount of work that went into packaging, these pieces would normally retail at $1195, so be sure not to miss out on these exclusive pens. Don’t forget: we’re the only spot where you’ll be able to buy these fine fountain pens, and on top of that, these are the only Opera Masters you’ll be able to get your hands on this year!

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