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3 Oysters Chili Red Ink Bottle

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Presenting The 3 Oysters Delicious Fountain Pen Ink - a delightful fusion of style and taste, inspired by the culinary wonders and fashion trends of Korea. This ink collection is a feast for the senses, with each color resembling a scrumptious dish or a voguish fashion element.

But wait, there's more! The 38ml glass bottle of this ink boasts a quirky design with one corner missing, allowing it to balance on its edge while you fill your pen. 

Get ready to spice up your writing with Chili Red - a bold and fiery tone that's hotter than a pepper! With Chili Red, your writing will be infused with intensity, energy, and a daring flair. Whether you're making a statement or unleashing your creativity, this red will make your words leap off the page and set your imagination on fire!

Product Specifications:
Brand: 3 Oysters
Bottle Material: Glass
Type: Bottled Ink
Color: Red
Condition: New
Volume: 38 ml

Dry Time: 90 seconds
Waterproof: No
Fast drying:No
Scented: No
Sheen: None
Shading: None
Shimmer: No

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