Monteverde Emotions Collection Gratitude Ink Bottle

Monteverde Emotions Collection Gratitude Ink Bottle

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Monteverde ink features a special "ITF" Ink Treatment Formula, giving it exceptionally smooth flow. This allows for an extended amount of time you can leave your pen uncapped before it dries out. It also lubricates your pen's feed system and protects it against clogging and corrosion.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark W. Swarthout
Nice Magenta color

Came in my first Inkbox. Nice color and writes smoothly, loaded easily into my converter. For normal correspondence, this is a nice change in pace from a black or blue without being over the top. My only complaint is that I really prefer permanent inks, as I often enhance my drawing/writing with water colors and this series will run.

Beautiful shade. Fits Conklin Duragraph Nightfall perfectly

This is a gorgeous shade. Suits any purple, black purple and even fuschia pen


And if your item isn’t perfect, they will move Heaven and Earth to ensure your shopping experience is a happy one!
The inks you’ll find at Truphae are a wonderful addition for anyone looking for variety in fountain pen ink colors. Monteverde Gratitude is a gorgeous pink/purple with excellent ink flow. I’ve used it in my Lamy Al Star, my Lamy Safari and my breathtaking Royal Purple Jinhao 750. All these pens are sold by Truphae as well as many others. Don’t forget the Uber-Fantastic TWSBI line of pens, sold as well by Truphae of which I have several.
This ink is part of the Monteverde Emotions Collection. I’m especially fond of this brand because they’re the only one I know of who have the fabulous “Ink Treatment Formula”which prevents the ink from drying out in your pen. Additionally, this special formula improves ink flow and drying time, as well as helping to lubricate and protect the ink feed from corrosion and clogging. When I discovered Truphae I found I’m not as strange as I thought for many years because I truly adore my pens, and I give them the best care possible. The entire staff at Truphae feels exactly as I do! For example, Chris would be lost without his stub nib pens and he takes extra care of them.
This ink, the Gratitude is described as “Magenta” but to me it’s a warm, cozy pink/purple suitable for, I would say writing a love letter to a spouse or a special someone gone in the military, someone gone a very long time. Please remember, this ink is called “Gratitude” and what better way to express it?

I would have loved to add the swatch of this beautiful color that I’ve had quite some time except I couldn’t understand how to attach it!

Andrea Miner
beautiful ink! Packaged well

Beautiful ink, in a nice sample. just enough for an inking and to test out in my ink journal/ink cards. Like all Monteverde inks i have tried so far, it cleans easily. Package came secured against leaks.

Joe M.
One I didn’t have

Being new to fountain pen writing and inks, this was a welcome addition to my other inks. I filled one of my nicer pens to try it out. Nice ink flow and color. I’m happy with my purchase.

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