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3 oysters
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3 Oysters Aqua Green Ink Bottle

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The 3 Oysters Delicious fountain pen ink, the fashion and taste for the best writers. Each color is representative of various foods and fashion of Korea. Every 3 Oysters Delicious ink comes in a unique 38ml glass bottle with one corner missing so it may stand on edge when filling.

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Waldemar Montalvo
3 Oysters Aqua Green

A beautiful Green-Blue ink (an ink smear will show it as being much bluer than green), with low to smooth transitioning Shading. Nicely saturated ink, much more vibrant than the displayed ink sample photograph. Looks great in Western nibs and only gets better the broader the nib. The wetter the nib the better it looks. No feathering or Bleed-through. With broader nibs, and Cursive Italic nibs, you should be able to detect Red Sheen. Flex nibs will show the greatest saturation and the hue will be closer to a Blue-Green than a Green-Blue. Ink seems to age well, it doesn't lighten over time. Personally, 3 Oysters Aqua Blue is now in my top 10 inks.

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