Pen Palette: Monthly Subscription
Pen Palette: Monthly Subscription

Pen Palette: Monthly Subscription

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The Pen Palette is our $12.99 monthly subscription, which includes a selection of ink samples. Each month, we will feature a certain theme of inks, such as “best fast-drying inks”. This hand selected packet of five 4ml ink samples will offer the absolute essentials from each theme. 
Your first month’s Pen Palette will come with your very own glass dip pen so that you can properly test each ink. 
Note: This will not be a different sample set than those received in other subscription boxes.
Click here to check out our selection of hundreds of ink bottles, many of whom will be featured in this subscription.

*Orders will ship within 5 business days of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
First Month of Many

I was very pleased with my order. The price is great and I like my glass pen. The first shipment was work appropriate inks. While I have my favorite black and red, I'm enjoying them all and still auditioning greens (Noodler's Zhivago green-grey) and blues (J. Herbin blue de profondeurs, deep blue) are contenders. I look forward to future months. I'm a fan of sheen, shimmer, and shading. I'm also new to fountain pens, so most inks will be new to me.

Not what I expected

I received my first sample ink subscription box today, all the inks were just very basic blue, red, black, a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to trying inks that are different than basic colors. I will see what the next box has to offer if they are basic once again then I will unsubscribe.

R. Sanchez
Great Selection

Love this little monthly ink sample pack. Thoughtful and well put together. Highly recommended,given that you get 20 ml of ink per month! super plentiful and an amazing selection!

Robin Rhyne
Loads of Flavors

I've got so many colors on hand now! Guess I'll have to get a little notebook to do Q-tip swipes with accompanying notes

Work Appropriate Inks

First round of this monthly subscription box. Although this did not come with the anticipated truphae box... it did come perfectly packaged! Inks handled with care. Great assortment, colors, stickers and a discount! What value! Bring it on Team Truphae and keep up the wonderful work!

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