Aurora 888 Matera Fountain Pen
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Aurora 888 Matera Fountain Pen Nib
Aurora 888 Matera Fountain Pen Blue
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Aurora 888 Matera Fountain Pen Limited Edition

Aurora 888 Matera Fountain Pen

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Introducing the extraordinary Aurora 888 Matera Limited Edition fountain pen! Step into a world of mystery and charm as you uncover the well-kept secret of Matera, the hidden gem of Italy. Inspired by the city's captivating allure, this pen embodies the enigmatic tale of Matera's clandestine treasure.

Matera, renowned for its iconic Sassi stones, holds a deeper secret within its ancient walls—the Palombaro Lungo. Imagine a colossal underground cistern, skillfully chiseled by hand from soft sedimentary rock adorned with fossil shells. It's a masterpiece hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered.

Just like the mystique of Matera, the Aurora 888 Matera Limited Edition fountain pen exudes elegance and sophistication. Its alluring barrel and cap crafted from blue and white Auroloide transport you to the serene landscapes that inspired this magnificent creation. With each stroke, you'll feel a connection to the hidden beauty of Matera, flowing through the nib.

Speaking of the nib, prepare for an unparalleled writing experience with the 18kt gold nib, meticulously adorned with rhodium plating. Its smooth flow and impeccable precision elevate your handwriting to new heights, making every word you write a work of art.

Limited to only 888 pieces worldwide, this fountain pen is a true collector's item. It holds the essence of Matera, capturing its spirit within its delicate craftsmanship. To further enhance its exclusivity, each Aurora Matera limited edition pen is presented in a custom sleeve, delicately cradled within an exquisite black lacquered wooden case. Unveiling this treasure will be a moment to savor.

But wait, there's more! As a bonus, the set includes a full-sized bottle of light blue ink, harmonizing perfectly with the pen's colors. You'll have all you need to bring your thoughts to life with a touch of Matera's enchantment.

Indulge in the allure of the Aurora 888 Matera Limited Edition fountain pen, where the mystic tale of Matera and the art of writing converge. With its unrivaled beauty and captivating story, this pen is your key to unlock a world of inspiration and leave a trail of laughter and ink wherever you go.

Product Specifications:
Capped Length: 5.36 in.(136.1mm)
Posted Length: 6.22 in.(158.0mm)
Length of Body: 5.15 in.(130.8mm)
Length of Cap: 2.45 in.(62.2mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.55 in.(14.0mm)
Diameter of Cap: 0.6 in.(15.2mm)
Diameter of Grip: 0.42 in.(10.7mm)
Weight: 0.7 oz.(19.84g)

Body Material: Resin
Trim Material: Chrome Plated
Section Material: Resin
Nib Material: 18k Gold

Fill Mechanism: Piston
Cartridge Type: Bottled Ink
Cap Rotations: 1.5
Cap Type: Threaded
Postable: Yes
Demonstrator: No
Clip Style: Spring Metal

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