Hero Altitude Fountain Pen
Hero Altitude Fountain Pen
Hero Altitude Fountain Pen

Hero Altitude Fountain Pen

Regular price$9.95

This gorgeous fountain pen from Hero features a full matte body in either black or blue. The trim is in gold plating, and contrasts the darker tones of the body magnificently. The nib is a stainless steel iridium point, which is accentuated with the gilded grip section.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James Highland
Smooth writing.

I'm amazed at how smooth & even my Hero Altitude writes. Nice balance in hand.
The ink filler takes getting used to, but you can't get a nicer fountain pen for the price.

Chandler Realin
Works great and would buy from again

I’ve been using this pen for deliberate penmanship practice and it feels great to use.

Marco Cepollina
I trash it !.

I trash it !. I coudn't get it working... I thoroughly clean it ,I gently filed the nib , flush the ink dispenser etc etc it would write for a couple of minute and stop. The ink couldn't travel through the feed.

William Davis
A solid starter

Until recently I only counted a few Lamy imitations in my collection, and was excited to add a metal body pen alongside. Out of package with a fill of Stipula Black, it immediately presented as a fairly wet writer, extremely smooth on some 90 gsm stock paper. Some minor nib adjustment provided a decreased flow and dryer, finer printing. Cap does not post to body, but weight of pen balances out. Definitely glad to have added to the journaling rotation. Additionally, I was very pleased with Truphae's customer service and overall experience.

Mark W. Swarthout
Nice pen with good grip feel!

Grabbed several of these while they were on sale, just a great price! I really like the matte finish and the look of these pens, they look like they cost a lot more. Not so sure about the 'slide' loader, but it worked well, the question will be how long it will hold up. Doesn't top. Knurled grip feels really nice in my hand without any sharp edges one would expect in such a finish.

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