Maiora Viola Amalfitano 02 Ink Bottle

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Maiora is proud to introduce its brand new 67 ml fountain pen ink collection! This new ink collection from the popular Italian manufacturer includes a gorgeous spectrum of vivid colors:

The original Maiora 67ml fountain pen ink collection release included 8 classic colors:

1. Turquoise (Turchese Partenope)
2. Violet (Viola Amalfitano)
3. Red (Rosso Pompelano)
4. Sepia (Seppia Flegrea)
5. Orange (Glallo Tuto)
6. Green (Verde Capodimonte)
7. Blue (Blu Caprese)
8. Black (Nero Vesuvio)

The Maiora 67ml fountain pen ink bottles are glass, with a display-quality that is really cool to look at. It has a wide base, which makes it stable to sit on any tabletop space. The top of the bottle has a wide mouth, which makes filling up your converters and removing ink from the bottle easy. With its clear labeling, you will never miss what color these inks are!

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Customer Reviews

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Jane P
Beautiful Ink

This ink is beautiful. It is very well behaved. I didn't see any sheening. It does take a tad bit longer to dry. But I use broad nib, mostly. And I use Rhodia paper most of the time. So that is to be expected. Also, I love the bottles! The cap is large enough for arthritic hands to grip it well to unscrew it. I think that is important. If you can't get the cap off, you can't use the ink! A very nice ink, indeed.

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