Rhodia A4 Orange Lined Meeting Book

Rhodia A4 Orange Lined Meeting Book

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Invented by the president of Papeteries de Clairefontaine for his own use, the Rhodia Meeting Book is designed to be an all-in-one record of meeting discussions, decisions, and action items. Each page is sectioned for easy notes organization and review, with pre-printed "Date," "Notes," and "Action" areas.

This premium-quality notebook contains 90 g Rhodia paper of superior opacity and strength. There are 80 sheets, all printed with stylish orange accents and micro perforated for easy, clean removal. The black polypropylene covers are sleek, subtly textured for a sharp business look.

Binding Orientation - Side

Paper Color - White

Paper Weight - 90g

Sheet Count - 80

Perforation - All

Height - 11.7in

Width - 8.8in

Line Spacing - 7mm

Ruling Type - Lined

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris was amazing! He really helped me get started and understand fountain pens!

Chris was amazing! He really helped me get started and understand fountain pens! i would go to him for help with beginners or to put a pre order in for a new Visconti Medici Nero!

This paper was brilliant to work on with my new pen. It has made writing a pleasure.

Louis Guertin, Jr
I really love this book. I didn't realize just how awesome it was going to be.

I bought this book for the purpose of using it as a recipe book. On the top I put the date, what the recipe is, and where I got the recipe from. Under the action section, I write all of the ingredients needed. And under the notes section I write the steps to create the meal. On the back of the page the notes and action sections continue giving me ample room to write everything that I need to. I know this is not the purpose for this book however, it does the job really well. The quality of the paper is great I'm not bleeding through the pages unless I'm using a pen with a really high ink flow. However, it only bleeds through little dots here and there. So yes, this is a high-quality book and it serves my purpose perfectly.

Jason B.
Outstanding Item - Very Practical

This is excellent for recapping a meeting and is practical. The spaces dedicated to the notes and action sections are the right size. It really can serve as an activity journal.

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