LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen
LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen
LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen
LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen
LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen
LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen

LAMY Studio Black Forest Fountain Pen

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The LAMY studio elegantly shows just how close design and art can be. This premium writing instrument seamlessly fuses its individual elements with its convex cylindrical form while simultaneously foregoing all unnecessary embellishments. The propeller-shaped, seemingly twisted clip counters the objective elegance of the LAMY studio with an innovative design accent.

This 2021 special edition has a deep and dark green/grey body, almost black in appearance, with subtle sparkles. Black Forest evokes the imagery and feeling of sitting and writing next to a shimmering creek in the dense forest of southwestern Germany. It is equipped with a high gloss chrome grip and clip, and an interchangeable silver steel nib. This fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge and a Z27 converter for use with bottled ink so you can get started writing right away.

Note: To ensure quality performance, LAMY tests their pens as a final step in manufacturing. If you happen to see any residual blue ink, rest assured that this is normal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karl Longstreth
Great pen

Beautiful pen, I will be ordering more pens. I waited for the pen and ink to write a letter and give the ink as a gift with a glass

James Padgett
An All-Around Winner

This pen gets top marks for appearance, feel, and performance. With respect to appearance, the contours are sleek and appealing; and the finish is, in a word, gorgeous (although I must say I can't see even a hint of green in the dark grey color--even in direct sunlight). The sparkles are very subtle and add interest without being distracting. As for feel, the pen has a wonderful heft and balance. I never post a pen's cap when writing, and I can't speak to the pen's feel when posted, but I find the feel of it in my hand unposted to be ideal. The gripping section is also very comfortable: the diameter is less than that of the Lamy Aion, but more than that of the Lamy Safari. Finally, with respect to the all-important criterion of performance, I bought an extra fine nib, which is only very slightly broader than, say, a Japanese (Pilot or Sailor) fine nib, but is quite a bit finer than Lamy's own fine nib (which has always struck me as closer to medium than fine). The nib is firm (which I prefer to a softer nib), but smooth and responsive with just the right amount of feedback. In sum, this has become one of my favorites in a large collection of fountain pens.

The Clip spoils it

I love the way that Lamy pens write. Smooth, touch of feedback plenty of ink laid down which is not always the case with a broad nib. The nib smooths out a bit after a few hours of use and I am perfectly happy with the writing quality of the pen. I am currently using Thornton's Luxury Goods Blue ink and the ink flow is perfect.

Material quality first rate, simple classic design, except for that clip. It is very tight and with the twist, I am sure it would leave a mark on the fabric of whatever pocket you placed it in. It would have been far more desirable to me without the twist. A great writing instrument, does the job with bells on but the clip spoils it for me.

Chantal Chaigneau

I'm delighted by my new "black forest" fountain pen.

Russell T.
LAMY Studio Black Forest

At first glance the pen is impressive, this pen that looks great coming out of a suit jacket, but just as at home in jeans. The pen feels good and the LAMY nib has great feedback you know and expect from LAMY. So far I have only used Venvstas Muschio ink in it, it writes a little dry but I believe that is the ink, and do not foresee any problems with a wetter ink.

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