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BENU Talisman Venus's Hair Fountain Pen

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VENUS’S HAIR - Made exclusively by BENU for Truphae

Venus's Hair is the first retailer exclusive produced by BENU after relocating from Russia to Armenia. It is a limited production of just 300 pens!


Opting always for the most unusual and striking of designs, it's no surprise that the inspiration behind our latest BENU creation is the out-of-the-ordinary and rather intriguing venus-hair stone. Dressed in metallic tones with etherial-like needle patterns, this ancient rock feels otherworldly. But how did the venus-hair come to earn its name? And is it true that this mysterious stone can attract love and bring good luck?

The venus-hair stone, less popularly known as rutilated quartz, contains mineral inclusions that give the stone its dramatic look. These small, needle-like rutile crystals form as fine filaments of metallic gold, silver, red, or brown; giving the appearance of hair strands. Science reveals that during the stone's growth, agglomerates containing liquids, gases, and other minerals are formed and are retained within the rock's material. However, there is a string of ancient tales that claim that the hair-like strands boasted by the venus-hair stone are thanks to no other than Venus herself, the Goddess of Love.

As legend has it, Venus was one day enjoying a swim in the purest of lakes when a few strands of her beautiful locks fell and remained in the water. Upon discovering this sometime later, Venus decided to return to the lake to collect her fallen hair. By then, however, it was already winter and the lake had frozen over. There, sparkling in the ice, were her golden curls. Amazed by their beauty, Venus decided to transform the frozen water into stones and take the jewels with her.

According to another tale, Venus was combing her golden locks at the edge of a mountain lake, where she forgetfully left the comb. A band of mischievous river nymphs, recognizing the power retained in the goddess' hair, decided to steal the comb for themselves. The nymphs did not know how to share, however, and squabbles ensued. Hearing their arguments, Venus arrived and transformed the hair strands into stone to put an end to the nymphs' quarrels.

Another legend simply claims that Venus adored the quartz stone so much that she set out to honor its power and beauty by locking stands of her hair within it, giving it its name, the "Venus-Stone". Yet, this curious gem, with its mysterious and rich legacy, has a whole host of other interesting names - Cupid's Arrow, the Stone of Love, and in Eastern countries, the Sacred Stone of the East.

Since the beginning of time, humans have extracted unusual rocks to create unique works of art and pieces of jewelry. But utilizing stones such as the venus-hair isn't simply for decoration or aesthetics alone. For centuries, quartz stone has been used as amulets and charms, a tradition that dates as far back as Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that quartz could change the course of a person's fate. Furthermore, it was believed that this powerful stone could save a person from loneliness and help them find happiness, security, and love in marriage. For this reason, the venus-hair, as earlier mentioned, is often referred to as the Stone of Love.

Nowadays, crystal-fanatics swear by donning supernatural stones on the body in an attempt to bring upon themselves good luck and success. Esotericists consider specimens of the venus-hair stone featuring golden threads to be the most powerful. Used in magic rituals, the venus hair is believed to protect against negative entities, enhance creativity, and uncover magical abilities.

Whether or not you believe in the tales that lie behind the venus-hair rock or its supposed magical qualities, one thing is certain: the beauty of this special stone is unlike no other. Striking, distinctive, and bold, we have captured the stone's essence in our very own Venus' Hair fountain pen. Write with it and, who knows, perhaps you'll find greater happiness, luck, and love. We won't say no!

Product Specifications
Capped Length: 5.26 in.(133.6mm)
Posted Length: 6.65 in.(168.9mm)
Length of Body: 5.16 in.(131.1mm)
Length of Cap: 2.51 in.(63.8mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.54 in.(13.7mm)
Diameter of Cap: 0.62 in.(15.7mm)
Diameter of Grip: 0.43 in.(10.9mm)
Weight: 0.741 oz.(21.01g)

Body Material: Resin
Section Material: Resin
Nib Material: Stainless Steel
Nib Size: #6

Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Cartridge Type: Standard International
Cap Rotations: 3
Cap Type: Threaded
Postable: Yes
Demonstrator: No
Clip Style: Spring Lever

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Carmen Roebke
So pretty!

This is a beautiful pen and writes nicely!

Dana Delgado
Not what I expected.

I love BENU FPs. I own quite a few. The Venus’ hair fountain pen was not what I expected. It has a lot of clumps of rose gold glitter and not enough gold. I expected the actual strands of gold and rose gold, but they are absent. Nothing like the videos on YouTube. Disappointed.

Debra Katie Powell
I’m waiting for Truphae to get back to me

I can’t review it yet because I’ve not inked it because I am waiting for Truphae to get back to me with images. The one I have is not interesting visually, just clumps of glitter. I told them that the day I received it.

I love BENU pens, and I love buying from Truphae

I have ten BENU pens at this point, and I love them all. I always get broad nibs so that I can use them with shimmer inks, and so far they are basically bullet proof. (I’ve been using them for a couple of years now.) These nibs write like butter, too. Another nice effect of the broad nibs is that they show shading really well.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried BENU yet, do yourself a favor and order one from Truphae. They got my order out quickly, and it was carefully packed. They’ll be a go-to source for me for my fountain pen addiction from here on out.

Louise Glynn
Benu Venus Hair Fountain Pen Fine

This pen is even prettier in real life than the picture. I got a fine nib and am very pleased with how smooth it is. Highly recommended.

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