Pen Palette: Monthly Subscription
Pen Palette: Monthly Subscription

Pen Palette: Monthly Subscription

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The Pen Palette is our $12.99 monthly subscription, which includes a selection of ink samples. Each month, we will feature a certain theme of inks, such as “best fast-drying inks”. This hand selected packet of five 4ml ink samples will offer the absolute essentials from each theme. 
Your first month’s Pen Palette will come with your very own glass dip pen so that you can properly test each ink. 
Note: This will not be a different sample set than those received in other subscription boxes.
Click here to check out our selection of hundreds of ink bottles, many of whom will be featured in this subscription.

*Orders will ship within 5 business days of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Ink snobs are the worst

I’ve been subscribed to the box just higher than this one (also includes a economy pen,) and I have to say that my experience with the ink selection has been great. Usually there is a theme or a general brand that comes in the order, so if you’re going to get moody about receiving a variety of sheening or shimmering or any ink with an effect you should probably reconsider getting a box. Just buy a bunch of samples instead!

Chad Phillips
Five Shimmering Inks?

I understand and accept the uncertainty and risk of purchasing a blind gift box subscription. However, I did expect an assortment with perhaps two or three new inks that could introduce me to a new color or manufacturer (at lower total cost than a full bottle of each), which would lead to risk-free purchases of bottled ink from Truphae. I also expected one or two colors that I may never use, which would be acceptable. However, in my first Inkredible shipment I received five colors of Private Reserve SHIMMERING INK. That's ink with GLITTER PARTICLES that requires shaking to keep them suspended for writing, otherwise the GLITTER PARTICLES settle out in your filling system and feed. I do not use shimmering inks, and the whole shipment is useless to me until I find someone to gift it to. (I don't even know anyone who uses shimmering inks. I could make a glittery ink spinner... but package thieves are not a problem where I live.) I hope this review will amuse and attract some prospective customer who does enjoy this kind of ink, as well as provide some feedback on a polarizing "theme" in fountain pen inks. Truphae is a great company, and I will be giving them another month or two to show me a more diverse "themed" box that includes some inks I may actually use.

Jody Obena
Lovely sampling of inks!

I am excited to try out all the inks. Very nice sampling!

Shannon Lind
Slightly boring choices, but I'll stick it out

I wan't super excited about the ink samples -- they weren't very exciting. I like samples to get a feel for something new -- new colors, new brands. These were pretty standard. Also -- not feeling Noodler's. They have had some questionable business practices.

Great value

Love that’s there seems to be a theme every month. The glass pen writes very nicely. Would love more colored inks just bc those are the ones I would want to sample before buying a full bottle.

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