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3 Oysters Jade Ink Bottle

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Introducing The 3 Oysters Hun Min Jeong Eum Ink - where common colors get a taste of Oriental and Korean charm. These inks are not your average colors; they have a story to tell! Each hue represents something unique and inspiring. For instance, Black is like having a wise professor guiding your words with every stroke. Cobalt connects hearts and minds as your words dance across the page. Jade ensures your prose is as precise as a jeweler's work. And Scarlet turns your writing into a passionate symphony, leaving a lasting impression.

Dive into the fresh and vibrant world of Jade - a lively spring green ink that's like a rejuvenating sip of minty lemonade! Let its captivating blend of vibrant green tones infuse your writing with a sense of renewal and vitality.


Product Specifications:
Brand: 3 Oysters
Bottle Material: Glass
Type: Bottled Ink
Color: Green
Condition: New
Volume: 38 ml

Dry Time: 40 seconds
Waterproof: No
Fast drying:No
Scented: No
Sheen: Low
Shading: None
Shimmer: No

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