Lamy Z24 Vista Al Star Safari Fountain Pen Piston Converter-Lamy-Truphae

Lamy Z28 Fountain Pen Piston Converter

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This converter allows you to use bottled ink with your LAMY cartridge pen, instead of using ink cartridges. Compatible with the LAMY Al-Star, Joy, LX, Nexx, Safari, and Vista.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent converter, very easy to use

I bought one of these to go in a Lamy AL-Star (my first Lamy pen) and just like the pen itself, it's very well-designed and easy to use. It slots into two small cutouts in the grip/feed assembly and it fits smoothly and securely. Filling it was totally straightforward once I got the hang of turning the screw, and it doesn't leak. Overall: excellent.

Rita Zambelas
Great Pen

I used to hear people rave over Lamy pens, and though I still don't understand why you would want to collect Lamy's, I see now why people love them. This is a great pen that writes incredibly well. Well worth the price.

Shannon Cox
My wife loves it!

This pen was a gift to my wife. This is her first fountain pen, and she feels like it is a great intro-pen. It looks and writes great!

Nicholas Aune

I bought my LAMY at a local shop and got the LAST CONVERTER IN STOCK. Somewhere between my couch and the kitchen table is a black hole because I lost that sucker the very same day. I ordered one through Truphae(as well as some sweet inks bottle :) )and it was shipped very quickly and arrived before I could finish using up my ink cartridge.

And yes, the converter works and fits great.

Katrina Mclean

A must have

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