Luoshi Bamboo Fountain Pen

Luoshi Bamboo Fountain Pen

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If you've grown to love Luoshi pens like we have, the Bamboo fountain pen is no exception. Its body is made from the renewable resource, and features stainless steel trim. In an age that is becoming more and more environmentally aware, the positive affects of bamboo are becoming more and more apparent. If you're looking for a fantastic fountain pen that greatly reduces the use of plastics and chemicals, look no further!

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Customer Reviews

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R. in CT
Nice idea ruined by a detail

The bamboo body has a nice texture and would be very comfortable to hold EXCEPT for the sharp-edged step-down from body to grip. For this reason, I cannot hold this pen for any extended period of writing. Nib is so-so at best, but it writes fairly well for the price. Still cannot recommend it.

Phillip Seibel
Gorgeous, But Uncomfortable

I love the look of the pen and it writes pretty well, but there is a very sharp transition from the barrel to the grip section that makes this pen uncomfortable to hold for long writing sessions.

David Crews
Writes well above its price

This does not look like a cheap pen with the cap and barrel both made of well finished bamboo with chrome trim. The section is chrome finished as well but does not seem to become slippery with prolonged use. The smooth nib lays down a nice wet line with consistent flow. I found the pen wrote almost immediately after filling for the first time even without any cleaning. The clip is a little stiff but should prevent the pen from slipping from a pocket. I have much more expensive pens that did not fare so well on their first outing. I could not find any marking on the nib to describe the line width but in practice it seems between a western fine and medium. My only caveat for this pen is that if you must post this pen it is not for you as it steadfastly resists posting. However, even for someone with big hands, like myself, the pen is long enough to write with comfortably without posting. This is a good writing pen that can be used at work without worrying if it should be dropped or someone decides they need it more than you do. I bought this pen at the store and the service was excellent.

Dan Moore
Reminds me of a Faber Casteel wood pen

I tried this as a dip pen and it worked great. I keep a daily journal and use a different fountain pen and ink each week. The Luoshi Bamboo will be in the rotation this year, but I am not sure yet just when. I look forward to using it.

its nice

its a nice pen

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