Pilot Namiki Metropolitan Standard CON 40 Twist Fountain Pen Converter-Pilot-Truphae

Pilot CON 40 Piston Converter

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This is a piston style twist converter. It fits all current Pilot and Namiki pens. Four small metal agitators inside the barrel help to break up air bubbles to keep a steady flow of ink.

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Customer Reviews

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Pilot con 40 piston converter

Perfect! And has enough ink for a few days worth of writing

Jennifer Baker
Perfect for my Metropolitan

I purchased the piston converter to replace the squeeze converter that came with my Pilot Metropolitan. It is a perfect fit for the pen and I have had no issues using or filling the converter.

James Padgett
CON-40 Eliminates Three Shortcomings of Squeeze Converter

I love the Pilot Metropolitan series (I own 14 of them, which I keep filled with inks of different colors). I decided to replace all the original, squeeze converters with CON-40 converters to eliminate three nuisances. First, the CON-40 is transparent, so one can see the amount of ink left and thus whether the pen needs to be refilled. Second, when one stores a pen properly with the nib up, a bubble will usually rise to the nib-end of the converter. When the pen is subsequently inverted to write, sometimes the bubble will rise to the opposite end, but sometimes not, in which case it is necessary to tap on the body of the pen to free the trapped bubble so that the ink can flow down to the feed. The agitators in the CON-40 instantly bring the ink down with them into the proper position. Third--and again a problem resulting from a stubborn bubble in the squeeze converter--if one has been writing with the pen and has stored it with the nib up (and the cap on), a bubble in the squeeze converter will sometimes remain at the end of the converter away from the nib (i.e., under the ink). If there is then a drop in ambient barometric pressure or a rise in ambient temperature, the trapped bubble can expand and force ink up into the feed and the cap and onto the gripping section, so that one gets inked fingers the next time one starts to write with the pen. Again, the agitators in the CON-40 prevent this problem. All in all, this user finds the additional expense for the CON-40 well worth it.



Fabiola Nair

It is my very first fountain pen and I already love it! It has a very good amount of weight. Got it in a fine tip and also got a con-40 to be able to use liquid ink. The construction seems great, I don’t get the feeling like it will break.

Truly great and can’t wait to get myself some other pens :D

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